Jaguar Balls

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Nov 28, 2023
Brasília, Brazil
Hello all.

I had a bit of free time and some bulk tobacco I've purchased from local growers; thinking of ways to blend the rough (but flavorful) Tietê rope and make it more palatable, this came up:


I had no flake or ribbon Virginia on hand, so I mixed the ribbon-cut rope with a - great quality - shag cut Virginia meant for straw cigarettes (it's a common thing here in Brazil to smoke tobacco in dried corn leaves, tastes delicious if you'll believe it).

The shag would not blend with the rope if I mixed it as usual, so I'm thinking of letting the leaves mellow like this, and maybe even smoke the whole balls if they successfully light up in a pipe.

What do you guys think?

They shall be called Jaguar Balls if I sell them one day. (or Brazilian Balls if you're feeling funny)


Might Stick Around
Apr 24, 2022
Georgia, USA
I clicked on this because it said jaguar balls. Then I saw that you are from Brazil. The I thought of the drink leite de onça and then onça pintada, which means jaguar, of course. Then I remembered the song of the same name as the drink, and now I'm listening to the song "Leite de Onca," wondering if you, too, are a fan of sertanejo, the viola caipira, Tião Carreiro, Bambico, pagodes, and other such. Once upon a time when I taught college, there were a few guys who had come from Brazil to play soccer. One guy was from Navirai, deep in the interior of Brazil. We hit it off once he learned I knew some Portuguese and knew the same music. He brought some yerba mate for us to drink one day during the soccer study hall, and that meant we were friends then.

Leite de Onca e Cadeira Vazia
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Jul 12, 2011
I have some whole leaf Perique, going to blend something up and then wrap in whole leaf to form little money bags for each - My take would be like TAK Highland stuff; you would cut open and then break up before putting into bowl, but I will test both methods - see which method gives best results

Some shape ideas;
Money Bag
Dragon Egg
Squares; Box of chocolate-style presentation puffy
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