Jack Hargreaves Tribute Pipe

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Oct 13, 2015
Whilst perusing mysmokingshop online shop, I noticed they’ve put together a falcon package, in tribute to the late jack Hargreaves. If anyone is considering a falcon pipe, then you could do a lot worse than this ensemble.

For those unaware of who jack was, he was a proper old school gent who found fame late in life as a television presenter. His shows ‘How’ & ‘Town & Country’ much loved by millions of viewers, of all ages. Always smoking his falcon, he walked & talked you through the English countryside, showing how to tickle a trout or nonchalantly break a rabbits neck.

When he was was back in his garden shed, he’d show off a load of forgotten tools & gadgets from years gone by & how to make & fix things yourself, in the traditional way.

He served under general Montgomery in the war, military intelligence. One of his accomplishments was broadcasting morale boosting propaganda to the British and allied forces. The anti nazi song ‘Lilly Marlene’ which infuriated Herr Goebbels as it grew in popularity with the Germans as well, was down to him & his section.

Here’s a short ‘lighthearted’ video of jack, along with his pipe.
For proper videos of jack & his shows, there’s loads on YouTube.


Might Stick Around
May 11, 2023
Gteat Video and good to see Jack amoking his beloved Falcon. I have now got 4 in regular rotation but I had better check out the tribute pipe. I confess to being a Falcon lover and I'm neglecting my Briar pipes whilst indulging my Falcon fetish. They are just ao goddammed practical, just like Jack himself !
Jun 9, 2018
As a kid growing up in the 1980's I remember hearing the theme tune to "Out Of Town". Show never interested me then but as an adult i've watched the ones on YouTube.


Might Stick Around
Feb 19, 2024
If you aren't familiar with Jack Hargreaves, his Youtube videos about English country life and traditions are absolutely addictive. He wasn't actually the farm boy he makes himself out to be - he was born in London - but he presented pre-war England perfectly. I never liked Falcon pipes but he is never without his - hanging down vertically from his mouth (don't see how he did that...) and what he didn't know about horses and carriages wasn't worth knowing.