Hangover Solution.

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Apr 9, 2021
All you teetotalers must be feeling so superior today! Oh wait…. I switched to herbal tea just before midnight😎, and I’m feeling pretty smug today. But for you hard chargers still out there getting after it - hand salute!

+ 1 for crushing the water while you’re out steaming.

If you’re young and hard, Gatorade, Copenhagen and hard PT in the morning will set you right, bonus if there is a swim involved.

If you’re fortunate enough to have buddies who need IV practice, you’re good to go. For about $200 you can rent a little buddy (usually cuter and better smelling) to stick you with Myer’s, or other boutique hangover cocktail). IV hydration is the gold standard.

Captain black terpene is highly efficacious- especially if combined with any or all of the above.
Speaking of PT, there's nothing worse (I know there is something worse out there) than being stuck in a formation, on a forced run, behind a column of soldiers who've been out drinking until morn'. Beer farts, dry heaving, and vomit in the air....no, I don't miss it at all.


Oct 16, 2020
When I was accumulating degrees at the U of I and the drinking age was 18, which I turned a week before freshman classes started, it was normal to be downtown Thursday nights and weekends. I was there to enjoy my friends and play pool, $1 pitchers and have almost always enjoyed my beverages in moderation. The rare times I had more than I should have (and I think the last time was 1984 at a wedding, lol, where someone said, “Have this bottle of champagne!”) 10 tacos for $1 at Jose’s and a couple of Pepsi Colas was my “cure”. Always worked wonders.

No judgments here, but have also known too many folks too well who have literally drank themselves to death, ruined families and many who have sworn off in time. Those are extremes, of course, but we all learn one way or another. It’s also really fattening! 😀

This morning it is good coffee and tobacco!:coffee: Black tea in a little while.

I’ll take the occasional holiday Kir Royale, hard cider, Corona, homemade Margarita and love a single malt from time to time, but mostly it’s iced tea and water for intake.

To each his or her own!


Part of the Furniture Now
Jun 24, 2020
SE Michigan
When I was younger I once had neighbors that would get so drunk they would hit each other with 2×4s for fun. After a big night out the next day they would be sitting on their couch in the backyard with a couple big bags of lemons, a box of salt, and gallon jugs of water. They would cover the lemons with salt and eat them like oranges.
Wow. Chase that all with some Timmy HoHo’s coffee and you’ve got yourself a true Canadian.


Feb 21, 2013
Water before, during, and after, and possibly instead of. If you can have a manic spell of talking instead of drinking, letting others do the drinking, that helps, and if you're entertaining enough, people won't see it as sneaky. Depends on the crowd. Some groups are entirely accepting whether you drink or not, and others consider it a sort of insult if you don't. I hear the Russians all but give you vodka by gavage. After a certain age, less is more. Drink one, spill one, give one away. As was said of neophyte drinkers in the Navy.

Some people drink too much because they are actually thirsty and try to quench it with alcohol, which dehydrates and never fills the need. Water is your friend.


Aug 3, 2022
SF Bay Area, California
Buncha old men in this thread...

Best cures in order:

1) Water, aspirin, and go back to sleep

2) Water, aspirin, huge bowl of menudo, a cup of coffee, and one beer

3) Water, aspirin, a big greasy breakfast (eggs, bacon, potatoes, more bacon), a cup of coffee, and one beer

Resist the temptation to drink more than one beer. Drink 2 max if you must.


Briar Tuck

Nov 29, 2022
Oregon coast
I don't drink alcohol. Never have never will. However this morning after a long night of constant caffeine, I had the worst hangover I've ever had. Didn't get better till my coffee cup and pipe were full. Let's not forget a Caffeine hangover is some serious shit too. 🤘
My wife get herself addicted to caffeine and then suffers from severe headaches if she misses her morning coffee. I'll wean her off it by switching her to tea, but she eventually goes back to daily coffee and gets addicted again.


Apr 16, 2014
Bryan, Texas
I've found the best hangover solution is to hydrate as you're drinking, avoiding the hangover in the first place. We've attended beer festivals where we've tasted sixty plus beers—we hydrated as we went along—after the festival, a two hour nap, and it was like we didn't even drink. Most of our UFC PPV get togethers are over six hours, with beers and whisky for the duration—hydration is the ticket.
This was my cure for hangovers back in the day when I used to get them. I'd just follow a drink (booze or beer) up with a glass of water and repeat.

But I do like a double Bloody Mary the next morning anyway :)