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Part of the Furniture Now
Sep 23, 2019
EMP is one of those blends that has alot of mixed reviews. Some people love it and others don't. I've heard everything from pencil shavings to vomit to in your case crushed Marlboro.

I'm one of those that likes it. I think it's well balanced and not too much latakia.


Starting to Get Obsessed
Feb 11, 2016
Vallis Lacrimarum
You don't have to like Early Morning Pipe as much as most others seem to do.

I'm one of those few deplorable deviants who put a low mark for Dunhill's EMP on TobaccoReviews.
I acknowledge it's a fine blend, well-made and enjoyed by many, it just doesn't come along very well with my personal tastes, as I prefer bolder and fuller smokes. Nothing wrong with the blend itself. Just a matter of personal preference, which tobacco smoking is all about.


Can't Leave
Nov 22, 2022
Hello everyone,

Have you ever looked forward to a tobacco, only to be woefully disappointed with it? I am experiencing just that with Early Morning Pipe. Given how much I love Presbyterian Mix, I thought this would be a slower start to the day. Now it may well just be my palate - but it smokes and smells like I have filled my bowel with the contents of 5 crushed Red Marlboro....

...am I smoking it too dry or too moist? I have tried both but get zero flavour. I am not looking for it to be as aromatic as Pres Mix or 965 etc....but its currently a massive let-down.

Put an unopened tin aside for 3-4 years, then revisit. You might have a different take on it. :)


Part of the Furniture Now
Mar 24, 2012
Southport, North Carolina
EMP was never more than a C or C+ level smoke for me (but with A+ tin art!). It was easily supplanted by Presbyterian, Piccadilly and Star of the East Gold in the genre. I have a stack of Dunhill tins in the cellar treading water. Then, on Monday evening this week, my son left his fresh from the B&M tin on the counter and I thought; ‘what the heck’ and loaded up a bowl in a fresh pipe. It was the best bowl of EMP I can remember and I just traded him some 2yr old Bosun Cut Plug for the rest of the tin. Go figure…


Mar 30, 2019
In the semi-rural NorthEastern USA
Maybe it's only me, but I get some side note like burnt marshmallow in EMP.
I do too. Fun fact to my palate it's barely English and more light aromatic in the old Danish style. Which is sweet with hints of marshmallow. I get the same notes from Sail Yellow. EMP a blend I like and if you gifted me a tin I'd be happy with it but I only buy it every few years.
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DedHed Piper

Might Stick Around
Dec 28, 2019
I was also kinda let down by EMP, perhaps due to high expectations. I turned to Presbyterian for the morning smoke and hen to Skiff Mixture. In the end it was HU Tobaccos English Breakfast that took the spot for me and I have stashed a fair bit of it.
The EMP have been in a jar now for.. like four years, but this thread has awaken the curiosity and it will be my after lunch smoke today.
And this time my expectations are lower. Hoping for better results.
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Feb 6, 2019
Richmond Virginia
I get a cigarette tobacco smell from Dunhill blends right after I pop the tin and stick my nose in the tobacco. Ye Olde Signe smells like a pile of dead oak leaves that have been in a warehouse where smoking was permitted. I love the stuff, dusty and ancient smelling, like an old book. EMP has the same hint of that smell with the addition of Latakia. I like it more than many other English blends but it’s not my favorite. Dunhill/Peterson blends just burn so well for me.


Starting to Get Obsessed
Jan 2, 2023
Vancouver BC
I have found that some jar time often really helps the Peterson/Dunhill blends. When I want to smoke one I pop the seal and open it up, let it air out for 30 min to an hour or so and dump the contents into a Mason jar and forget about it for a few weeks. I have often found this to make a night and day difference with their blends.

It may be worth a try for you. For me it turned Nightcap from " I don't get what all the fuss is about" to "oooohh now I get it"
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