Coffee or Tea?

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Jul 28, 2016
Primarily I.d enjoy black strong assam &Kenian loose leaf teas and cheeper granulated tea types from India
Nontheless I¨m big fan of Italian espresso coffees , after meal it is always double shot of espresso , also by the weekends I love making some good mornig coffees either via my dependable Rancilio Silva espresso machine or alternatively by using those standard Bialetti espresso pots


May 26, 2022
Florida - Space Coast
Coffee or tea? Yes.

4 to 5 coffee a day and iced tea in the summer and iced and hot in the winter. I can drink coffee at 11pm and be asleep at 11:30, at this point it just keeps me alive, without caffeine i go into withdraws and sleep all day.

I used to drink coffee with a ton of cream and sugar, think hot coffee ice cream, when i started keto, even thought heavy cream is good for you on keto, i started drinking it black, took about 2 months to be able to stomach black coffee, 3 yrs later amd still drink it black and enjoy it.

S.A. DeVault

Might Stick Around
Nov 12, 2022
Southern Wisconsin
Growing up in a South Asian household, I grew up on tea. My American mother and her family preferred coffee, but it was a rarity for me. As I grew into a young adult, and became more assimilated to American culture in other aspects as well, I learned to love coffee, at first for the stronger caffeine hit while studying for finals, but soon for the taste. I take my coffee the way my mother always did, black, no sugar or cream.


Part of the Furniture Now
Jan 13, 2014
Michigan, USA
I've been a coffee drinker mostly. I've stocked up on some tea just to spice up my pipe smoking sessions out in the smoke porch. I seep the tea for no more than 3 minutes because I guess It's supposed to increase the tannins if you seep for longer and gives the mouth an odd dry feeling.

I've purchased a few varieties I've never tried including assam and lapsang sochong teas.

I like them. I mean I'm just not used to drinking tea for the sake of drinking tea. I'll get tea when I'm out to eat so I don't drink soda and have some flavor, but at home tea just reminds me of dirty water.


May 29, 2023
“Tobacco Row “Richmond Virginia USA
I grew up on Cafe au lait in New Orleans as a kid but not at home.
My mother was a tea person and usually green and my father drank Maxwell House, so at home I did as well. I began drinking Community from Baton Rouge when I started my first real job in Oil and Gas and that started my love for decent commercially ground coffee or ground whole bean coffee in the French Press.
Tea is new to me and only for the last couple of years. Usually Black Teas Mid day after losing the taste for coffee.


Apr 7, 2024
Birmingham. England
If I manage to do it quietly I have a french press and can get two full mugs of coffee 1st thing in the morning, black with sweetner. If unfortunately my wife hears me, or she smells the freshly made coffee and catches me, I am forced to give HER one of my coffees, and my day is ruined. Apparently in the UK it is illegal for women to make freshly ground coffee. I never knew this !.


Part of the Furniture Now
Sep 14, 2010
Coffee ,Black.
Espresso in the dripper.
Turkish, no candy
I like it dark, and offensive to the pallet.
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Feb 6, 2019
Richmond Virginia
I start my day with 2-3 cups of black coffee, lately Community Coffee. I’m starting to get into teas and plan on getting some Oolong and green teas soon. Right now my favorite is Golden Assam and a Strawberry Green decaf I’ve acquired. I like to drink tea in the afternoon and evening.


Starting to Get Obsessed
Oct 1, 2023
Stuck between WI and IL
Four or five cups of black decaf coffee everyday prior to noon. Duncan decaf if possible or anything reasonable except for Starbucks as I find it burnt tasting. Earl Grey or English Breakfast in he afternoon if the mood hits me. Typically Twinings.


Starting to Get Obsessed
Apr 30, 2024
Bayfield, WI
Both. La Vazza Baristo Gran Crema from my Jura, and black aged fermented Pu-Erh cake in my purple clay pot made Chinese style.
I think I know why Quiet Nights and Dark Twist are my favorite tobaccos, come to think of it.
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