Anybody Smoke a Pipe while Playing Golf?

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Jan 28, 2018
Sarasota, FL
I smoked pipe the past two days while playing golf, cobs. Both days were windy making lighting a PITA. I used a torch the second day, $7 cob so I want concerned about burn out. Aimed flame at center of bowl with a very quick burst. Didn't see any damage. I went through a bowl about every 4 holes. I smoked a cigar the last 4 or 5 holes. I enjoyed smoking the pipe more than a cigar even though it's a bit more effort.

I ordered a Zippo lighter with pipe insert today and another larger cob.



Oct 16, 2020
I do while walking all over the course in off-season and will sit on a bench way out there while the dog sniffs about. Carrying a bag or pushing my cart I doubt I will, but it’s inevitable I’ll try it in a cart, especially late evenings when either me or me and the wife are the only ones out there. I can see that working well!
Jul 26, 2021
I'm too old to play for the Tigers and too young to take up golf (one of these is a joke). However, I use cobs as "outdoor event" pipes. Like going to the beach or a bbq.

My clumsy ass is likely to drop, break, or lose a pipe outside, especially since I always have an eye on my very adventurous toddler.

If I brought a pipe golfing, it would snap in my pocket or fall in front of the cart while I bobbled my beverage. In other words, a comedy of errors, a broken pipe, several curse words, and my pants would be wet.

Thankfully, cobs are cheap workhorses that can easily be replaced if something were to happen.

While I appreciate those that have the ability to live an active life while smoking a nice pipe, I know my limitations. After all, I could run more, but the ice cubes would fall out of my glass and if it weren't for bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all.


Oct 12, 2019
Florida Panhandle
18 degrees today (like the 1 iron I wanna get) so just some putting fun for me. But if it breaks 40 tomorrow I'm going to try to get on course!
Reminded me of a golf joke:

Q: If there's a dangerous thunderstorm, why should you stand in the middle of the fairway and hold a 1 iron pointed straight at the sky?

A: Because not even God can hit a 1 iron.


Sep 12, 2020
Spain - Europe
I smoke a pipe from the terrace of the golf club, while watching the golf players play golf. Then they come, we smoke and drink together. mostly Nordic-European players, a few American players. Everyone speaks English, except for me, I don't understand shit. I just say yes and no and ok. And when we drink too much, we all say the same thing.................We laugh like mules, it's all wonderful


Starting to Get Obsessed
Nov 30, 2014
Connecticut, USA
Usually a cigar at golf. Not a huge fan of golf but play for work. I feel to pressured for time when playing golf so I do not smoke the pipe.
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