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    Finally! I Won A Pipestud Auction!

    Very nice, congratulations.
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    Simply Red and Rhythm and Blues

    If you want a sample, PM me your info and I'll happily get some to you. Might be better to try it before you spend money on it.
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    Simply Red and Rhythm and Blues

    In my opinion it's more in the background and complimentary. I like 558 more than OD.
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    Simply Red and Rhythm and Blues

    Got a pound of Simply Red and 8oz of 558. I love the Simply Red so thought I'd stock up. Bought the 558, which I also enjoy and got free shipping. Skipped the R&B for now, I still have a jar and not sure of how much more I'll buy, so maybe next time...maybe.
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    Blessings from KY

    Welcome from Southern California
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    Your Favorite Savinelli Pipe Shape

    I love the 320, in my opinion the 321 would be a good move.
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    The Evolution of Pipe Smokers?

    Totally agree with the article. Smoke what you enjoy. I like all genres of tobacco to some extent, sometimes they alternate as my go to smoke. I gave up on aros a while back; but have since tried, and stocked up on many that I really enjoyed. That's just how I roll.
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    Decorating For Christmas 🎄

    Steely Dan, Second Millennia....are you from the past? 🙃
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    New Member

    Welcome from Southern Cali.
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    New Pipe Knife

    That is very nice. Everything you need in one package.
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    Chubby billiard

    Very nice, beautiful grain.
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    Cigar Beetles?

    I found some in a few Drew Estate Dirts I ordered months back. They never made it into my humidor, I always inspect closely before transfer. Loose tobacco at the foot of the cigars got my attention, almost bulging out. After that I looked real close and found the holes. Sucks, but retailer...
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    Lovely Birdseye Grain

    Wherever your heart takes you, I'm sure the finished product will be stunning.
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    PTSD and Pipe Smoking

    I find smoking a pipe very relaxing. When I'm stressed, it helps me to slow down and reflect. I wouldn't say it's a cure all, but many times a little pause is all we need to reset.