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  1. warren

    With What are You Lighting Up?

    Usually a Bic. Sometimes a Zippo and I've been known to use matches or a stick from a campfire.
  2. warren

    What Tobacco did your Ancestors Smoke?

    Which blend? I'm a great fan of "3 Star Blue"! It's one of the three blends I'm never without. My understanding, need to reconfirm with Kevin, is it's one of their biggest selling blends. Been around for years.
  3. warren

    What Tobacco did your Ancestors Smoke?

    Camels most likely killed my grandfather. Cigars and heart killed my dad. I should add, I'm adopted so, possibly my genes are better either of the above. I've got more years in than either of them achieved.
  4. warren

    Take Your Time Preparing a Bowl

    As above but, I've been doing it for so long I no longer check the draw as I stuff. It's just second nature, stuff, light and puff.
  5. warren

    RIP Richard Lewis

    He was a comedian with a philosophical bent. I've missed his standup in the past few years. RIP indeed!
  6. warren

    My Lent Regret

    And, excluding non-christian indigenous people, they would be observing a Catholic rite why? I do acknowledge some other Christian religions also recognize Lent. But, non-Christian indigenous folk who also treat tobacco and other plant material with reverence? I doubt they observe Lent. At...
  7. warren

    My Lent Regret

    The pipe is hardly equal to incense. It's a luxury, a greatly desired one for some and so, giving it up for Lent makes great sense, a truly Lenten offering.
  8. warren

    Is Customer Service a Thing of the Past?

    The Ace Hardware I worked at for a few years kept fresh bowl of Amish Country popcorn available at all times. We sold a "shitload" of poppers, popcorn, popcorn salt and other toppings every day. A real profit maker! And, it was, in fact, the best pop corn I've ever tasted.
  9. warren

    On the Importance of Beauty

    How frivolous!
  10. warren

    Show us Your Best Smoker

    See avatar. Best smoker I know personally.
  11. warren

    Pipe You Didn’t Like—Becomes Favorite!

    I won't have a pipe I don't like. If after a decent number of bowls, all imperfect experiences, the pipe pipe is tossed in the trash bin. I simply can't tolerate a tool that doesn't perform to my standards. Such a pipe doesn't merit space in the house as far a I'm concerned.
  12. warren

    Do You Rotate your Pipes?

    I do, every few thousand bowls. It goes left rear swap with front right and right rear swapped with left front.
  13. warren

    Need Some Advice, Please!

    Just exhibit a bit of self-control would be my suggestion. If you are inclined to obsessive behavior ... well, you are on your own I guess.
  14. warren

    Your Experience with Bit Grips/Softy Bits?

    I use them on bits I pierced with a K-9. I've no problem with 'em. But, many of the purists here decry their use. I'm more "whatever works for you" type.