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    Live Long and Prosper, And Here's Why

    While I am a student of history I don't ponder my past. Can't relive it! Can't change it. As we are quoting great Americans, "I yam what I yam, what I yam!"
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    The Future of Tobacco?

    Tobacco was heavily subsidized by Federal tax dollars long after it was a really profitable crop. One shouldn't forget that. Senators and representatives got into tobacco farming so they could subsidize their already robust salaries. Other countries subsidize their farmers today. I very much...
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    Tobacco Log Book

    All of the different "personality types" have different needs to be satisfy. Pipe smoking, in particular, seems to bring these traits/needs to the fore. Some need all sorts of paraphernalia, others need strict order leaving nothing to chance. Then, there are the few of us who simply enjoy...
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    New Recruit, And How To Start Them Out.

    I'm simply not an enabler and could take no joy in assisting others in wasting money by burning it up. I do it, happily but, I draw the line at assisting others. It's my wee vice and not for sharing. I see no personal satisfaction in such. If an established smoker asks an opinion on a blend...
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    The Future of Tobacco?

    anotherbob: You are equating medical grade nicotine to nicotine absorbed via smoking and such? Really?
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    Again, How Many Pipes Recommended?

    Unless I find another pipe I want ,,, I have a sufficient amount. There is no magic number.
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    Swisher Sweets

    De Nobilis when working. Love 'em. Tough in the pocket and fit nicely in the mouth, hold up well, when fishing, chainsawing, etc. And ...damned tasty as per my palate. Swishers are not as tough but, I can enjoy them also under the right conditions.
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    Bye Bye Nat Sherman

    Only self-starters and self-sustainers will be thriving by working at home. There will be some changes but, not as drastic as all the pundits seem to be predicting. There is an upside as well as a downside to "off-site" employment. A balance will be found I'm sure. My understanding is; the...
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    The Future of Tobacco?

    Hard to be competitive after those government, "powers that be", subsidies stopped due to public pressures. Add lower prices for foreign harvests and ... well, tobacco is no longer a viable crop for most US farms. Not many complaints to be heard when the government was using my money to pay...
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    Moving Question

    Like all the rest of the house stuff, let the movers pack it.
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    What Do You Smoke When You’re In A Funk?

    I sold my Funk, a blue coupe, years ago but, when I usually smoke cigarettes when driving, Camels they were. Sorry but, I've fought this off long enough. I was hoping the thread would just disappear before I weakened.
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    7 Days...

    Indeed, if you are unhappy, change vendors. I don't understand why a customer, who feels abused, would stay with the retailer. They've elected to ship one way and you can now elect to locate another vendor. It's a win-win.
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    St. Louis Style Ribs - Recipes?

    If it's wrapped in foil it's steaming. I guess one could stretch a point and say it was stewing in its juices. I guess it's just a way to quicken the cooking. I'll try the the recipe though and see what comes out. I'm sure the flavor is great but, not a technique I'd call smoking. At the...
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    St. Louis Style Ribs - Recipes?

    Steam finishing? I've never heard of such. Different strokes I guess. I do not use multiple methods when cooking meat usually. I grill ( What is called BBQ in most locations), broil, rarely bake and only steam, covered or foil wrapped, cooked in their own juices or added liquids as in "ribs...
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    St. Louis Style Ribs - Recipes?

    Stubbs pork rub, an offset smoker, hickory wood preferred, at around 200-205 degrees until the meat pulls away from the end of the bone. I prefer to remove the parchment but, that's only an option. Carve into individual bones, serve with smoked garlic bread, slaw or salad of choice and smoked...