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  1. warren

    Meerschaum Paint?

    Pretty but, not the pipe I was referring to. I've seen plenty of decorated meers but, never one entirely painted. I guess your pipe was made for the less than discerning meerschaum smoker. rotf
  2. warren

    Meerschaum Paint?

    I'm another who is a non-believer. I suppose if someone was bored enough they might paint their pipe but, a meerschaum? So. pictures are called for.
  3. warren

    How Many Blends Do You Have Open at One Time?

    Today? Three. Tomorrow? Maybe as many as six.
  4. warren

    Pipe Reaming Tools

    Pocket knife or, when at home, a Savinelli "fitsall."
  5. warren

    Public Piping; Where Do you Do it?

    Pretty much where I please and is legal. I pay no mind to reactions, not that self-concerned.
  6. warren

    Proposed Tobacco Taxes

    We may get what we vote for as most voters are not particularly discerning with regards to what or who they are voting for. I seriously doubt we all get what we deserve though. That said, IBTL.
  7. warren

    RIP Clive Sinclair

    The epitome of the distinctly British phenomenon, "The man in his shed." RIP! It'll be interesting to see what else comes out those sheds in the future.
  8. warren

    Decent Deal On A Pipe Stand

    i keep coming back and looking at your new purchase. Not particularly my style but, I think you got a steal. It looks nicely designed and well executed. Great find!
  9. warren

    Proposed Tobacco Taxes

    Taxes only go up when they change. Retail prices usually only rise. While this is a problem for those with a static income, most can figure a way to meet rising costs. If not, luxuries,such as smoking, dining out, movies, imbibing and the like must be reduced. Too few people are willing to...
  10. warren

    How Do You Save a Blend

    If I mistakenly purchase a blend I end up not liking? Into the trash bag it goes. With my knowledge, attempting a salvage job would be a waste of time and materials.
  11. warren

    YES, AGAIN...

    I order the same four blends over and over and over and ... Fifty plus years of smoking and I've found the blends which provide a decent smoking experience each and ever bowl. From time to time I will try new blend. And yes, a considered response now then will tell those responding to your...
  12. warren

    Do You Have Rotations? Do You Rotate Your Rotations? A Rotating Rumination

    I can understand new members not grasping Sablebrush and his oddly slanted take on life. But, preferred members? When I rotated, Air Force days, my pipes went with me. So, yes I did at one time have a rotation of sorts.
  13. warren

    How Large is Your Pipe Collection in Proportion to How Much You Smoke?

    I've no way of figuring that. I suppose I could start a sheet, list the pipes and put a "tick" marl each time I smoke one. But, why in the world would I or, anyone else do such a thing?
  14. warren

    Tobacco trades and sales

  15. warren

    WAYS Pics

    No model release, no publication. And, it all depends on the releases, contracts, purpose, end use, and etc. A shot of someone simply on the sidewalk or whereever, in public can be a real gray area, alegal maze and headache for both the subject and the photog. Might even belong solely to the...