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  1. warren


    Life's a bitch and then we die! If you are young enough things will get back in balance. Or. it may be time to find a higher paying position. You'll just have to cope somehow. That's all any of us can do.
  2. warren

    How Many Things You See PG In?

    Really? On a pipe smokers site? How do you separate the facts from the fantasy? Still, it is an entertaining thread.
  3. warren

    How Many Things You See PG In?

    PG is the least of my concerns when putting fire to tobacco and the taking the smoke into my system. Toppings and other flavor additives also are not a worry. But then, I'm a risk taker ... I eat processed meats. And, red meat.
  4. warren

    Looking for a restorer.(1925 Dunhill CK Shell)

    I guess the lesson learned today is; do not take on more than you are comfortable with and, do a bit of research before attempting anything that could affect the shape (exterior or bowl), finish, metal work or logos.
  5. warren

    Looking for a restorer.(1925 Dunhill CK Shell)

    Now we are again into semantics. Embers is speakin g to a cleaning I believe not a restoration to new or, nearly new restoration. The OP desires a "restoration" so yes, a professional is required as mentioned above. A simple or even a deep cleaning is a DIY project in my humble opinion.
  6. warren

    Do You Introduce Yourself to Other Pipe Smokers?

    I usually don't unless there is a good reason to intrude. If I have a social obligation I will of course.
  7. warren

    A Bekler Pipe Purchase?

    I certainly wouldn't buy a pipe that did not appeal to my eye. But, it's your money so, you should ignore my opinion and make your own decision. If you want to buy a "label", buy it. If you want to buy a pipe because it appeals to you, look elsewhere.
  8. warren

    Dealing With Aging Parents

    In all honesty, you did pretty much determine when to make your appearance. Unless you were a "C section."
  9. warren

    Dollar Strong vs British Pound Means Good Time to Buy

    I collect them when in Europe. They're fascinating! Effective? Damned if I know.
  10. warren

    Do Cigar, Pipe, and Cigarette Tobacco Taste Different?

    Cigars have many different tastes dependent on the tobaccos and wrappers. Cigarettes have different tastes depending on the tobaccos also and how they are processed. A Polish manufactured Malboro tastes nothing like an American made Malboro. I'm guessing to make them palatable for Europeans...
  11. warren

    What Advice Would you Give a Young Man?

    One thing I forgot to impart, never quit learning. University is good but, they leave out a lot. So, read, keep your mouth shut and listen to those you can learn from. Never, ever quit trying to improve your mind! One last item, make decisions when required. A bad decision is usually better...
  12. warren

    What Do You Do?

    I retired at 38 having planned well, well paying career, health insurance, savings and investments. I skipped all but one year of college as I wanted to start making money. This allowed me twenty years of being very picky with jobs and now? I do as I please within the limits of my current...
  13. warren

    Is Smoking a Universal Vice?

    An unhealthy activity, expensive and socially frowned upon, certainly a vice. And, a vice by any available definition. But, universal? If it ever was it certainly be curtailed today. Obviously a good percentage of "western" culture reviles tobacco.
  14. warren

    Dealing With Aging Parents

    Many states have programs which will assist in costs.
  15. warren

    Language It Is A Funny Thing

    In sight v. insight. This thread will be a waste of time. Time well wasted? Perhaps. Probably not/knot.