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  1. username

    Subscription Service

    P&c used to have a pipe tobacco of the month club. Don’t know why it stopped.
  2. username

    What Do You Think About Ken Byron Blends?

    I like Sakura but I’m not going to chase after it. I also like how he uses Mylar to package his blends and the option for a jar sticker if you want it.
  3. username

    Cat Lovers...What's Your Favorite Kitty Litter? Dust Free, Low Tracking, Eliminates Odor...

    I just grab a couple of bags of scoop away from costco when it’s on sale. Been using it for years.
  4. username

    Top Five RYO Tobaccos

    When I rolled my own. It was a toss up between drum and Amsterdam shag. Drum was the usual go to as I could get it from the smoke shop on the res when I used to work near their. Their halfzware blends so Kentucky and bright virgina irc. But both are a tasty smoke. I also liked Turkish export for...
  5. username

    Anyone Here Have Solar On Their Home?

    My parents have it. Az here and they love it. It’s a no brained in our state atleast it feels that way to me. I’d have it but I plan move once COVID is over so don’t want to put money into the current place I’m in.
  6. username

    How Many Bowls Do You Smoke?

    Averaging about one a day or so sometimes one sometimes none. So average to one.
  7. username

    I Now Have a Collection

    Happy birthday and beautiful pipes.
  8. username

    What Did You Smoke Today? Cigars.

    Working on in a Montecristo Classic Robust from that humidor and a 10pack sampler from pc.
  9. username

    What Turned You on to Pipes?

    Long story short it was cheaper then cigars and I thought the tin art on nightcap was cool. Granted I also liked the box art on most cigars to but likes are way cheaper.
  10. username

    Any VaPer Like McClelland 2015?

    Sadly no and it was to me the gold standard in which I judged other vaper’s. First tobacco I bought I pound of sadly I smoked that up long ago.
  11. username

    So Many to Choose..Which One?

    I’d make a numbered list then break out the dice to decide what to smoke. At least that’s how I picture it.
  12. username

    Corn Cobs

    Cobs are great.
  13. username

    Esoterica: What is Your Favorite?

    Peace haven And Dunbar.
  14. username

    ***What Are You Smoking, October 2020?***

    Now ps cube cut in a cob