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    Passing It Along

    That is really outstanding. Well done, mate.
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    Lane 1-Q

    Lane 1-Q is the tobacco that prevents me from saying "I never smoke aros." Because the stuff is just delicious. Great burn, not cloying or goopy, that toasted marshmallow aroma. Good stuff. I always and only smoke this in a cob, which I am convinced adds to the sweetness. It is a "dessert"...
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    Transaction Gone Bad - Advice Needed

    This is a ton of agita over $50. If it were me, and I thought it worth shipping 4 oz of tobacco halfway around the world a SECOND time, I guess I'd refund him and ask him to ship it back. If you are worried, given it is going to take a good while to get here, ask him to ship some way that has...
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    No More Artistic Cigar Labels (Canada)

    So marijuana is legal there now, but. . .
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    I'm Very Tired of Matches. What Is the Best to Replace Them?

    Have you tried rubbing two pipes together?
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    My Pipe Was Always Black Inside. How Do I Know When Cake Is Formed?

    Just saw my typo. LOL Yeah, developing cake on a "pie" would be a whole different thing. You know what I mean though, Machado. Don't sweat it. It'll happen.
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    My Pipe Was Always Black Inside. How Do I Know When Cake Is Formed?

    Cake happens. If you give your pie a decent break-in smoke -- fill it well full first time and carefully, slowly smoke it all the way through -- you can pretty much never worry about it again, unless/until you smoke it so much the cake becomes too heavy and you have to ream. That takes a good...
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    Another 2 Pennies on an Over Rated(?) Blend

    Squadron Leader may be the most English of any English blend currently on offer. It is one of my very favorites. Enough Latakia that I do not feel I am wasting my time. (I mean . . .why smoke a tobacco without lat in it?) But agreed, not the lat bomb that some of my other favorites might be...
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    2018 MLB Playoffs

    Lifetime CLE fan here. Clinging to hope, but . . . So long as the evil, much-hated Yankees lose, though, I'll manage to survive.
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    Proposed: Hipster millennials are GOOD for pipe smoking

    As the OP, at this point I am awarding Chill "best comment so far." Honestly, this one sentence sort of captures exactly what my long OP was trying to say. Thanks to all for an excellent and (mostly, I mean as much as anyone could ever expect) on-topic discussion.
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    Proposed: Hipster millennials are GOOD for pipe smoking

    OK, topic for discussion. Context: I'm old, verging on codger at 58, and I've been smoking a pipe for nearly 40 years. I learned at the knee of several certified codger uncles. Proposition: I'm FINE with all the hipster interest in pipe smoking. Indeed, I encourage it. They are GOOD for pipe...
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    Hello from the UK

    Welcome aboard.
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    Really Dry Tobacco?

    Apple slice in the tin will not flavor the tobacco but will, over a day or so, moisten the tobacco.
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    Finding my tribe

    To make a long story short, this past weekend I visited a local B&M I hadn't returned to in maybe 18 months. My impression then was of a vape and hookah shop, with just a few pipes and some stray tins. So imagine my pleased surprise to find the place -- while still selling a wide variety of...
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    Welcome aboard, Cap.