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    Aro blend that actually tastes great

    +1 for Autumn evening recently tried it as well and I enjoyed it. I've heard good things of Christmas spice and black gold Maple from Cornell and Diehl.
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    Pipe App

    mawnansmiff while 'apps' are not for everyone for a lot of people especially this newer generation it is a staple. Obviously you are aware of brick and mortar shops near you but when you travel are you? I travel frequently and was unaware of a tobacco shop in Missouri that has a good selection...
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    Churchwarden Pricing

    Wow gorgeous looking pipe! I have always had a fond affection towards Churchwardens after The Lord of The Rings.
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    2018 MLB Playoffs

    Go Rangers! I'll be a fan regardless of how much the choke. Love going to the games on dollar hot dog night for some Nolan Ryan Beef!
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    Its that Time!!!!

    Woo! Go Stars!!!!
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    Pipe App

    Ah yes I did forget about the cellar option! I think that is a great addition along with the barcode I love that idea.
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    Pipe App

    Hey fellow pipe aficionados! I have been mulling something over in my head for a while and thought I'd share the idea. I have been keeping a pipe tobacco journal with me and while I do enjoy the physical aspect of putting pen on paper sometimes it can be difficult when out and about. The idea of...
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    2018 Texas Pipe Show Oct 6th, 2018 Ft. Worth Texas

    Can't wait to see everyone tomorrow!
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    Greetings from Montreal Canada

    Welcome! There is so much to discover about this great hobby! This forum makes it even more of an addiction.
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    Greetings from the Chi.

    Welcome to the forums!
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    Hello From North Wales!

    Welcome! Rest assured you will have lots of fun on here!
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    Lighter Porn

    Just ordered one myself. This hobby is far too vast. The collectible aspect is dangerous. I found an old lighter that my grandfather had when he was a pipe smoker. Once I get the brass all polished up I'll post a picture.
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    Meer vs Briar

    Wow! Chasing Embers that meerschaum has colored quite nicely!
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    Colibri Lighter?

    Does anyone have any reviews or issues with older model (80s) Colibri lighters? I'm looking to pick up a solid lighter while I save up for an Old Boy.
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    How Much Peat for Your Scotch?

    Laphroaig Quarter Cask mmmmmm I like my scotch to taste like a burnt 2x4