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  1. tbradsim1

    What Cigar are You Smoking?

    I knocked on a door a long time ago, a Cigar answered the door smoking a human, how’s he smoke I asked, Damn Cajun, too much spice!rotf
  2. tbradsim1

    What Cigar are You Smoking?

    Bolivar Belicoso Fino, lovely smoke, but pricey,the Bolivar Confradia 554 Robusto almost I say almost as good, gonna try another Fino after a week or 2 in the humidor.
  3. tbradsim1

    Son Is 55 Today

    He’s working his butt off thought this would make him laugh!
  4. tbradsim1

    Thermal Shot

    Son starting first time Ethylene Compressor in Corpus Christi Texas, looking aft is the 1800 lb Steam Turbine, comeing forward is the different stages of the Compressor. It will be the largest Ethylene Plant in the World!
  5. tbradsim1

    What Makes a Great Work of Art?

    That’s right Cosmic about music, I still cringe hearing Fortunate Son coming back from South Asia.
  6. tbradsim1

    What Makes a Great Work of Art?

    Always loved flowers, took kids on Sundays to art galleries, retired and would glean the art houses on computer, a Gallery in Ft Worth sent me a picture, quick sale heirs getting rid of possessions, bought it for 2000$, worth over 12,000$, not for sale, it’s on my wall in bedroom, first thing I...
  7. tbradsim1

    9/11 Memories

    I was haveing a boat lift installed at my camp, wife comes out and says you got to see this, went inside and first plane hit, my military background says this is not a accident, knocked the crew off told them To come inside and watch history Being made. My son-in-law at Belle Chase was...
  8. tbradsim1


    Dropped on her bathroom, they removed it, got power, water, no one hurt, all good. My Daughters house In Mandeville LA.
  9. tbradsim1

    What Makes a Great Work of Art?

    Norman Rockwell speaks to me, not a fine artist, but his take on common people always amazed, this is my favorite, probably a returning veteran, been there, speaking against the good old boys, been there, as American as it can be, to me Art speaks to you or it doesn’t, Simple from a Simple man.
  10. tbradsim1

    What Cigar are You Smoking?

    Yahoo River Mississippi.
  11. tbradsim1

    Pipe Mud Question

    Throw the pipe away!
  12. tbradsim1

    People Must Say Something

    I’m not smart enough to join this conversation!