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  1. tarak

    First Impression: Haddo's Delight

    Glad someone is enjoying it sir!
  2. tarak

    Do You Have a Pipe "Brand"?

    Back in my day of active smoking- love love love Savinellis.
  3. tarak

    Photo Test Thread

  4. tarak

    Photo Test Thread

  5. tarak

    Photo Test Thread

  6. tarak

    Photo Test Thread

  7. tarak

    Good sub $100 briar pipes

    I have two stanwell golden danish and a savinelli to sell- great popes, all under $100 :)
  8. tarak


    Hi all, After two years of not touching a pipe, I have decided to officially "hang up my hat" with this hobby. Nothing terrible or anything, I was quite fond of it. I found between a busy career, grad school, and two little kids I was never touching a pipe. And likely for years to come- it will...
  9. tarak

    Starting a Cellar

    So, I am actually getting out of the hobby- selling most of my cellar. So, I'm probably not posting much more. BUT I will tell you this- when I was a brand new pipe smoker I thought I had favorites and went wild buying them- I bought a ton of HH ODF, and a light of Dunhill Flake and OGS. And...
  10. tarak

    H&H White Knight Replacement

    I have a single tin, jarred, from 2015 I am selling. Also have nearly 3 pounds of Anni Kake and Marble Kake to sell, some from 2013, some from 2015.
  11. tarak

    Merry Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving all. Hope it is a blessed one.
  12. tarak

    2015 Thanksgiving - For What Are You Thankful?

    My loving wife, two healthy growing kids, new friends (we just moved here a year ago), the ability to start getting involved in music again, and the grace extended to me by and through Christ.
  13. tarak

    Crazy night on the farm

    Declining the CT scan is foolish. Adult onset seizures leave high suspicion for a brain tumor- gotta rule that out.
  14. tarak

    Tough Assignment: Name Your Top 5

    McClelland Christmas Cheer (any year) McClelland Blackwoods Flake Frog Morton On the Town Frog Morton Cellar H&H Anniversary Kake
  15. tarak

    How about a Mobile Version of PM?

    This has been discussed before, and usually gets shot down, but I'd LOVE a mobile version of the forum. I virtually never log on to a computer anymore after work, phone/ipad is great.