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  1. tarak

    First Pipe in 2 Years....

    I used to have some of that. I had okay luck with it and found it to be tasty. Unfortunately, I no longer have it. Sold much of what I have. For McC blends I have probably 2-3 oz of 2013 Blackwoods, probably 3 oz of FMC, 2 oz of 2001 Christmas Cheer, and I think maybe a ....2013 Christmas Cheer...
  2. tarak

    First Pipe in 2 Years....

    Hello ladies and gents. Haven’t been on the forums in some time. I’m having my first pipe in two years. Not sure what got into me. Its a beautiful night, cicadas making noise, piercing moon in the sky, the lake is still viewed from my deck. I still have about 2oz of McClelland Blackwoods...
  3. tarak

    WTB: McClelland Blackwoods Flake (08-27-20)

    Shot in the darkest of the dark: anyone have any McClelland Blackwoods Flake they are looking to sell for.....less than my firstborn male?
  4. tarak

    FS: Dunhill, McClelland, S. Gawith, C&D,Wessex (04/22/20)

    Is the mcclelland anniversary still for sale?
  5. tarak

    First Impression: Haddo's Delight

    Glad someone is enjoying it sir!
  6. tarak

    Do You Have a Pipe "Brand"?

    Back in my day of active smoking- love love love Savinellis.
  7. tarak

    Photo Test Thread

  8. tarak

    Photo Test Thread

  9. tarak

    Photo Test Thread

  10. tarak

    Photo Test Thread

  11. tarak

    Good sub $100 briar pipes

    I have two stanwell golden danish and a savinelli to sell- great popes, all under $100 :)
  12. tarak


    Hi all, After two years of not touching a pipe, I have decided to officially "hang up my hat" with this hobby. Nothing terrible or anything, I was quite fond of it. I found between a busy career, grad school, and two little kids I was never touching a pipe. And likely for years to come- it will...
  13. tarak

    Starting a Cellar

    So, I am actually getting out of the hobby- selling most of my cellar. So, I'm probably not posting much more. BUT I will tell you this- when I was a brand new pipe smoker I thought I had favorites and went wild buying them- I bought a ton of HH ODF, and a light of Dunhill Flake and OGS. And...
  14. tarak

    H&H White Knight Replacement

    I have a single tin, jarred, from 2015 I am selling. Also have nearly 3 pounds of Anni Kake and Marble Kake to sell, some from 2013, some from 2015.
  15. tarak

    Merry Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving all. Hope it is a blessed one.