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    Pipe Mouthpiece Stem Rubber Bits

    I have BJ Long rubber bits on all of my pipe stems. When should I replace the rubber bits and/or how long can they stay on a pipe if storing on a rack? Will they discolor the vulcanite stem if left on? Should I be removing them, cleaning the stem (saliva get under the rubber), and putting...
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    When I was stationed in Germany in the early 1980's and smoking pipes, I picked up a Hilson Solent #305 bent pipe. Stem made for a filter and just ordered a box of 40 9mm filters. I just now started smoking my pipes again (Butz Choquin, W.O. Larson, Ascorti Business, Hilson, and a couple of...
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    Leaving the tobacco in the case

    I like the idea of jars and keeping several different types of tobacco on hand. For a large jar that does not have a humidification device in the lid (stone, metal disk, etc), how do you keep the humidity up? I ordered a small glass tobacco jar that had a humidity gauge mounted in the wooden...
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    1982 Meerschaum

    I bought a Meerschaum pipe while stationed in Germany in 1982. Yellow stem and very nice and intricate carving. Smoked it a few times, cleaned it after smoking by running a pipe cleaner down the stem and that is about it. NEVER took it apart. Put all of my pipes up over 25 years ago and now...