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  1. Spinkle

    GLP Samarra and Cumberland 20th Anni Blends Go On Sale At SP Tomorrow.

    I really enjoyed the one tin of Cumberland I've had so I ordered six, one to taste and five to age. I didn't order Samarra; due to the Latakia I wouldn't be likely to bother under any circumstances. I really have to stop falling for this as I'm still waiting on my last order which has now been...
  2. Spinkle

    Suggest Burleys To Me

    1. Mac Baren Golden Extra 2. Sutliff Edgeworth Ready Rubbed Match 3. Cornell & Diehl Pegasus 4. Amphora Burley Blend is the correct response puffy
  3. Spinkle

    What Cigar Are You Smoking, 2020?

    I just smoked an Acid Cigars Kuba Kuba that I had picked up months ago at a local B&M. I know next to nothing about cigars, and realize this may not be as high "tone" as some others. Nevertheless, I found it very refreshing and quite enjoyable. I will be buying again, probably for a once...
  4. Spinkle

    ***What Are You Smoking, November 2020?***

    A bowl of Cornell & Diehl Old Joe Krantz in my Missouri Meerschaum Charles Towne Cobbler.
  5. Spinkle

    ***What Are You Smoking, November 2020?***

    Just finished a bowl of Cornell & Diehl Caroina Red Flake with Perique in my Savinelli smooth Dolomiti shape 114KS.
  6. Spinkle

    What are You Reading Now?

    Just started reading "Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis" by Ludwig von Mises.
  7. Spinkle

    Smoking Pipes Location, Geographic and Architectural

    This must be the former "house of ill repute" that I remember Sykes Wylford talking about from the interview on the PM podcast a while back.
  8. Spinkle

    ***What Are You Smoking, November 2020?***

    A bowl of nine year old Mac Baren Navy Flake in my Brigham Chinook bulldog.
  9. Spinkle

    Brigham Pipes

    Just got these for $44 on eBay. Top is a shape 203 and has a Canadian patent number on it. Middle is shape 217 made in Canada. Bottom is shape 262 made in Canada. All 3 have the old aluminum tenons which I much prefer. The bottom two seem like they’ve not been smoked much if at all. Other...
  10. Spinkle

    The (Un)Official Secret Santa 2020!

    I've signed up. Was great last year can't wait to get going this time around.
  11. Spinkle

    Called D&R Today...

    I have fired up a bowl of Ryback in honour of D&R. I don’t put them at the top of my list by any stretch, but losing ground is bad for us pipe smokers as a whole which makes this nonetheless distressing.
  12. Spinkle

    Finally Done With The Road Trips

    When our office is open and not shut due to COVID, my commute is about 18km one way (11 miles), through the middle of Canada’s largest city which is synonymous with some of the worst gridlock in NA. I am able to ameliorate this by leaving for work after the morning rush, and I usually stay a...
  13. Spinkle

    ***What Are You Smoking, November 2020?***

    A bowl of Samuel Gawith Best Brown Flake in my Savinelli smooth Dolomiti shape 114KS.
  14. Spinkle

    No Secret Santa This Year?

    This was fun last year I am excited to do it again. My cellar is bigger now too, so more choice for my victim, er, giftee.
  15. Spinkle

    Haddo's Delight

    Working slowly through a tin of this myself. Topping is too overbearing for me. Age may change/diminish the topping but I’m not impressed enough by the blend to bother.