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  1. SmokeRings79

    How long should this bowl last?

    I agree. You can try Amphora Burley blend. Maybe you are sensitive to VA.
  2. SmokeRings79

    Hello from Germany

    Perfect. Thank you!
  3. SmokeRings79

    Hello from Germany

    It does not appear on the list of countries
  4. SmokeRings79

    Hello from Germany

    Welcome from Israel, friend! It will be great if you could ship to Israel, as you have a very interesting site.
  5. SmokeRings79

    I'm Getting Corncob Gurgle

    I find that I get a gurgle only in the autumn and the winter, as the cool air condensate the water portion of the smoke. I don't know where you live or if you smoke outside, or if you recently smoked other pipes as well, but it might explain it, even if partially.
  6. SmokeRings79

    New from Amsterdam, the Netherlands

    Welcome from Israel
  7. SmokeRings79

    Hello from Berlin!

    Welcome from Israel
  8. SmokeRings79

    Volkan Pipes - Anyone Have Them?

    I have one. Drilling and shaping is spot on. I love their stems. On of the best I have.
  9. SmokeRings79

    Best wishes to all smokers all around the world

    Welcome from Israel, friend. Beautiful pipe.
  10. SmokeRings79

    New Basket Pipe

    Looks very nice. How does it smoke?
  11. SmokeRings79

    Notice for out of production blends

    I think that the downside of such an announcement would be that the retailers might be tempted to increase prices or stock in in order to sell at a much higher price through other platforms. The result will be that the same amount of tobacco would be sold at a much higher price, when the...
  12. SmokeRings79

    Hello From New Orleans

    Welcome from Israel, friend!
  13. SmokeRings79

    Twilight Zone Time..... This Pipe Will Pass a Cleaner

    Beautiful pipe. Enjoy!
  14. SmokeRings79

    Troost Slices

    And from here you can order Troost Slices.
  15. SmokeRings79

    Troost Slices

    I buy HU from this site.