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  1. Singularis

    Pipe tin stickers

    Honestly, that's a very aesthetically pleasing label, even if non-descript and easily confused with other labels. (Seriously, do they actually expect us to READ the label??)
  2. Singularis

    Stain Shedding on Brand New Pipe

    Fascinating routine. Almost all of my pipes are estate pipes from I understand that they disinfect them as part of their cleaning process. Besides that, I am kind of the opposite of OCD when it comes to germs. Somehow I'm still alive. In any case, why not swab them with absinthe- (or...
  3. Singularis

    Stain Shedding on Brand New Pipe

    Maybe it's just 'cuz I'm new here, but ... Why are people washing their pipes with water before smoking them? Am I weird for thinking this is weird?
  4. Singularis

    ***What Are You Smoking, October 2021?***

    About to smoke a homeblend experiment using 50% bright VA, 25% Latakia, 25% long cut perique, exactly 2 grams in this here Peterson System Standard 305. Wish me luck!
  5. Singularis

    What are You Watching, 2021? Rating [*/5]

    Is that the one about policemen jumping up and down?
  6. Singularis

    The Rise of the 7 Ounce Tin

    I too noticed the trend and I'm willing to bet a tin of Frog Morton Cellar that this is in anticipation of the pipe tobacco tax being jacked way, way up. By my calculations, a 14 oz. tin stands to jump as much as $40, making a tub of Heine's (an underrated blend) go for about $84 on
  7. Singularis

    Hello from Texas

    Welcome from Wisconsin! Happy forum-ing.
  8. Singularis

    Undemanding Blends

    Heine’s comes to mind. Sold only in 14 oz plastic tubs (with a blue lid). A light aromatic that is probably 100% burley, but never strong or cloying. Definitely an all day codger blend.
  9. Singularis

    Sentiment of Smoking, Cigar or Pipe. Is It Something Special or “Routine” in Your Day to Day?

    Great question! In fact, I was contemplating asking something similar. For me, it is more daily routine than special (though every moment smoking a pipe is “special”). I never take for granted that I will smoke a pipe, what with a young family, little ones in the house, etc. But I usually find...
  10. Singularis

    Where Do You Dump Your Ashes?

    Always a solid choice.
  11. Singularis

    Where Do You Dump Your Ashes?

    Usually in the lawn or flower bed or garage dustbin because I’m always smoking outside or in the garage. Anyone here NOT dump ashes until the pipe is basically done? Wondering about common practices in this regard.
  12. Singularis

    Repressing tinned tobacco

    Hey, this is great info to have, from the MAN himself! I have a tin of Bijou (yes, just ONE :() and I've been wondering how seriously to follow the aging guidance when the tobaccos are now as old as 18 years (plus, mine was packaged and dated Jan 2019). So, maybe now is the right time to buy a...
  13. Singularis

    Do You Have Rotations? Do You Rotate Your Rotations? A Rotating Rumination

    I mostly just try not to smoke the same pipe two days in a row, or more than twice a week if I'm on my A-game. I fortunately have enough pipes to do that and smoke about once a day ... AND have certain pipes for certain kinds of blends (though I break my own rules all the time, mostly because I...
  14. Singularis

    Hello, from NE Wisconsin

    Howdy, from somewhat near your neck of the woods: Wausau! You live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country. I pass through that area occasionally to visit family in Crystal Falls. Greetings and happy forum posting!
  15. Singularis

    First Tobacco You Bought?

    We’ll, I bought my first pipe at the Tinderbox in my local mall. And I wouldn’t be surprised if I bought some Wilshire to go along with it. Either that or the equivalent of RLP-6.