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  1. ron123

    Home Brewed "hybrid" Pipe

    Beautiful...really nice! Not familiar with the markings though ;-)
  2. ron123

    Here are my 20 Castello Chubbies

    Getting back to the action shots...nice. I mean, nice collection!
  3. ron123

    PayPal (et al) and New IRS Regulations

    Maybe crypto will go more mainstream.
  4. ron123

    On The 8th Day Of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me: Another Lars Ivarsson Under My Tree..

    Sweet! And yeah, I am interested in seeing this and all the others. Can't speak for everyone, but I think most of us do love looking at pics when people post them.
  5. ron123

    JT cooke Pipes

    New, he's about $800 and up, but not much more. His pipes do sell really quick when listed on his site, but look through the gallery there, and if you see something you like, he'll do it on commission. His stems are not wafer thin at all, but I still like the feel in the mouth. Being acrylic...
  6. ron123

    On The 5th Day Of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me: A Lars Ivarsson Under My Tree

    That looks like it could be sort of a tribute to his dad who did make a lot of bamboo shank billiards like this. It looks a little larger than the ones by Sixten though, which would be a good thing in my book. Very nice! Thanks for sharing.
  7. ron123

    On the 4th Day Of Christmas My True Love Gave To Me: A Tokutomi Under My Tree ?

    Keep the pics coming? Seeing all of these is a real treat.
  8. ron123


    There is talk of its return but that’s all I can say on the matter rn
  9. ron123

    Help me Not Stink at Fly Fishing?

    What are they biting on? Huh? [louder] What are they biting on? The end of my line. [smirk] Yeah, that movie is probably responsible for half the guys (me included), out there frustrating ourselves with this gear. To the OP, It can cost a couple hundred, plus tip, but go out with a good guide...
  10. ron123

    A is for Ailarov Pipe Pics

    Sweet pipe! We had a good afternoon at Ries, hanging out in the lounge. I was really surprised that it only took me 1/2 hour to get there, on Black Friday...figured it would be an hour-plus. We'll meet up some other time. Hope you have/had a good visit!
  11. ron123

    The Taurus Auction Catalog Is Up!

    Any word on what pipe makers?
  12. ron123

    Drinking Alcohol before an Auction !

    By wholesale, I mean the price a retailer would look to pay. Off the top of my head, I think the Bangs went cheap, as well as the Todd Johnson Phalanx Q and the Parks 7 day set. Probably the Ashton’s, too…there were others that escape me at the moment. I think a big retailer like smokingpipes...
  13. ron123

    My Experience with Lbepen Deoxidizer [with pics]

    I'd be happy with those results...thanks for posting. I've tried a couple of other products that were supposed to be good at oxidation removal and they did little if any good.