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    What Is a Pipe You Regret Not Purchasing?

    If you want that shape and are open to other carvers, I'd contact Adam Davidson. From the first impression seeing the picture, before reading the post, I thought it was his. He also had bamboo like that, but he doesn't go with wild stem material, so you might have to compromise on that if you...
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    Dunhill LB or LBS thoughts

    I'm a fan of Dunhill's shapes overall and have a couple in this shape. Good smokers, and good bowl capacity. I'd get another... Here's an LB from 66: And this one is marked XXL, but basically an LB:
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    What are You Watching, 2021?

    Just got done with it as well, and agree - Ewan McGregor nailed the role of Halston, and Krysta Rodriguez did a great job as Liza Minella...I watched both her version and then one of Liza's versions of "Liza with a Z" a little earlier today on YouTube. After watching Halston and having recently...
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    C&D Cornell & Diehl Eight State Burley

    It does seem like there have been a lot of small batch releases, but won't these become a thing of the past with the deeming laws? I'm in on a dozen here...what's the worst that can happen🤷‍♂️
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    Estervals: Is The Party Over?

    Did anyone else get the email today from Esterval's? They've locked up the world wide exclusive on the soon to be re-released McClelland blends!!!
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    Ernest Hemingway's Pipe...

    As has been mentioned, Hemingway did dabble in cigarettes a little in his 20's but quit because he said it dulled the sense of taste, and he considered himself as gourmand. I've seen maybe one or two pictures of him with a cigarette but that's been it. He didn't smoke pipes or cigars, which is...
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    Would McClelland Sell Their Recipes and Methods?

    Yeah, maybe done...but I'll be staying tuned to see if any further developments re the Insta page.
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    Estervals: Is The Party Over?

    I tried to order a pipe from Ihr Fachgeschäft für Zigarren und Pfeifen - a few weeks ago and was not able to create an account or place the order as a guest because in the dropdown of countries to select, USA wasn't there...Uzbekistan, not a problem. I sent them...
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    What are You Watching, 2021?

    I finished binge watching How I Met Your Mother on HULU last week and was pretty hooked. Probably not everyone's cuppa, but I enjoyed 4.5/5. Now watching Peep Show, also on HULU. It's sort of a modern day Odd Couple, set in the UK. Just started season 2, and very much enjoying this as...
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    Esoterica: What is Your Favorite?

    I tried turbotin today and the site is down...hopefully just temporarily as it is pretty handy
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    Do You Buy New Dunhills?

    I still buy new Dunhills. You're not going to get many responses that answer the question in the affirmative for the same reason you qualified the responses you were looking for, though. This forum, like everything, is great in some areas, but some areas, as they say, take what you like and...
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    Would This Consider as Dunhills Blackspot?

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    Any Crypto Investors (Gamblers)?

    Long story short, none of us know. As far as intrinsic value, that’s a valid point but while our government does own assets, we’re printing/creating new money as fast as ever. My opinion or guess is that there will be a shake up at some point and we’ll end up with a handful of cryptos surviving...