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    Am I missing something

    It's like tea and no tea at the same time.
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    People Must Say Something

    People talking without speaking People hearing without listening
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    Smoking Outside the Box

    Next thing you know someone will say Stalin was a pipe smoker. ;)
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    Hello From Minnesota, USA

    Welcome from Martin County, Minnesota.......SKOL!
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    Favourite Female Singers

    Indigo Girls Tori Amos Sasha Sloan Enya
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    Have Some Strains of Tobacco Gone Extinct?

    Syrian Latakia isn't a unique strain of tobacco. Syrian is about how the leaf was processed using smoke from a now rare shrub leaf.
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    Romantic Career Change

    I wanted to be a ...... Lumberjack! Cheese Shop Owner with no cheese. Pet Shop Owner with less than lively birds.
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    If Plume Is Good..

    New thread: What are you licking? July 2021
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    LLRR And Tongue Bite/Burn

    Sounds like a chemical irritation to something in the blend.
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    Biggest Nic Hit?

    Another vote for War Horse Bar.
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    Peter Stokkebye Luxury Bulls Eye Flake

    I'm enjoying a jar from September 2016. Dark coins with crystal sparkles; it's a joy to smoke!
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    Mankind’s Greatest Achievement

    Agriculture; the ability to produce surplus amounts of food allowed some members of society to be free to do "other things" such as metal working, trade, and science. It also led to lawyers so it does have some drawbacks.
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    Latakia Doesn't Age Well ... Or Does It?

    The Syrian latakia in my 3 Oaks Syrian is probably close to 30 years old. Still tasty!!
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    Seasoning with Deertongue - Need Advice on Process

    A little bit goes a long ways. Use it dry, don't rehydrate it.
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    When It's Time to Relax

    I can wheel my wife outside so she can watch "Chicken TV". I can throw a few chunks of bread out and it becomes a high speed chase scene.