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  1. PipesRock

    The Bripe - for lovers of Coffee and Pipe

    Plus you could get 3 times as much coffee mixing some up in 9 out of 10 @Chasing Embers pipes. And I hope none of my kids hear of this thing... I'd rather get a tie for Christmas!
  2. PipesRock

    My Personal Lighter: Ronson Leather Clad "Premiere" Butane Lighter

    Nice work & nice lines, curves and overall shape. Enjoy.
  3. PipesRock

    Give Advice On Computer Printers

    Get yourself a Brother $160ish b&w laser printer without that monthly support ink crap HP pushes. My last iteration about 130 dollars is on 5+years and wife is a teacher, so used all the time. It's a workhorse. Use only new Brother toner too. I know that's expensive but you get a longer...
  4. PipesRock

    Favorite Youtube Channel?

    Beans316 - regular guy talks pipe tobacco, some pipes, but under 10 min once a week and no live crap. TheHoofGP - trimming and fixing cow hoof(s). relaxing & satisfying.
  5. PipesRock

    Sutliff Match Victorian

    Have several pounds stashed. Not specifically to age but because it seems to hold up well to years of storage. It's just plain good now and later to my palate.
  6. PipesRock

    Watch it Over and Over

    Office Space - wonderful to turn off the brain for 90 minutes, life is real enough.
  7. PipesRock

    What White Lies Were You Told as a Child or Have You Told Your Children?

    We have an orange juice plant in our area and told our kids that. They got to where they would crane their necks to watch in awe as the white smoke/steam rose up. Now the grand-kids are "learning" about clouds too.
  8. PipesRock

    Storing Pipes in a cabinet in South Carolina Garage?

    Perhaps this ^^^ I think we'd all love to know boveda life spans for this through SC summers. I DO keep beater pipes in garage and screen porch in FL humidity. Even some fav cobs and new (budget line) Kawoodies let alone other briars DON'T get stored out there though. Loose stems and souring...
  9. PipesRock

    Upside Down Pipe Storage on Rack

    myth. Split the difference, lay them flat in a drawer or box. But mainly, don't store with spit, tar and gunk in the pipe.
  10. PipesRock

    Show Off Your Kaywoodie Pipes

    Majestic acorn (bent?) I believe. It does have a couple small fills (away from my line of sight, which is a must, lol). I really enjoy them all but a likely favorite is that billiard red-root with deep swirling cuts, the size and feel in hand is just plain... nice.
  11. PipesRock

    Show Off Your Kaywoodie Pipes

    No expert and not overly picky but I've experienced stems I hated, NOT Kaywoodie's though. I'm very much enjoying mine. These were out on my porch table not very clean in fact the red root bent is being smoked now. Stems holding up fine in FL heat on the porch, smooth not rough edges, good...
  12. PipesRock

    Todd Bannard Oom Paul Commission

    Sure looks like exceptional workmanship with exceptional wood. Congrats.
  13. PipesRock

    Which Luxury Lighter?

    IM Corona PipeMaster. It lights every time.
  14. PipesRock

    Pipe Suddenly Getting Hot

    Tobacco (way) too dry? Smoking in windy conditions? Cracked pipe (excess air flow)?