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  1. orlandofurioso

    What Do You Do With Your Used Glass Jars?

    Wash them in hot water and dish soap , rinse with hot demineralized water ! Air dry them. Not with paper towels, pipe cleaners , my deceased mother in law's undies etc. Put them in the oven for 10-15 minutes on 110 Celsius to sterilize. Don't have herpes btw. Bob's your uncle :)
  2. orlandofurioso

    Interesting Completed Ebay Auctions - British Pipes

    The man is not a thoroughbred pipe seller ( he knows nil about pipes ) and we exchanged a few mails . He is a very congenial person and earned a good reputation as a seller. I think most of his pipes to be very attractive ; higher graded and in fine condition. Admittedly most fetch (too) high...
  3. orlandofurioso

    Interesting Completed Ebay Auctions - British Pipes

    Hi Jesse, We often seem to follow the same auctions :) Rim does not look topped to me , only cleaned and lost color,the refurb probably being a pushover. Actually I like it a lot, Barlng's bent pipes are not thick on the ground. I think of this pipe as being a very decent one with good grain ...
  4. orlandofurioso

    How Long Does a Bowl Last You?

    Depending on all the usual suspects and variables 1 to 1.50 hour. I prefer a ( Dunhill ) size 3-4 bowl and I'm slow.
  5. orlandofurioso


    Welcome from Nijmegen the Netherlands !
  6. orlandofurioso

    What Is The Worst Pipe Tobacco You Have Ever Smoked?

    With a beautiful certainty ; Dunhill's EMP. Tasted bitter and foul ; made my pipe smell like a sewer. Yuck.
  7. orlandofurioso

    Dunhill, is it a 1959? Thank You in advance.

    Hello Tim, Yes, I believe it is :
  8. orlandofurioso

    Does tobacco that has been well stored for more than 20 years get better?

    In our eerie cellar ( dark, dry and cold ) are ten 1981 Dunhill Standard Mixture so called "tall boy" tins . Proud as punch when I stumbled over them. I opened the 11th one :) and it is pure manna . Will start selling soon , I smoke too little and these tins deserve a better home. Also smoked...
  9. orlandofurioso

    Interesting old pipe collection

    Over 400 pipes only ? I'm not one bit impressed .
  10. orlandofurioso

    Repairing a Peterson Baskerville

    In what ratios ?
  11. orlandofurioso

    Einsteins pipes to be sold...?

    Sanity is wasted on the sane . Is there any real prove ? Quess not.
  12. orlandofurioso

    ELSTONE BARNSLEY ... Ever Heard?

    Weingott ?
  13. orlandofurioso

    Elstone Barnsley 2 Pipes Set

    Wonderful pipes ! Weingott comes to mind. Who did the outstanding tlc job ?
  14. orlandofurioso

    Repairing a Peterson Baskerville

    There are some contradictory reports on waterglass being poisonous. What is the truth ? I feel reluctant and so far only "concocted" organic bowl coatings. Great job on the pipe !