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    I’ll Tell You What...

    Out of time out and into the kitchen while I have a pipe he he , sorry lady pipers just joking, I do all the cooking in my house
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    How Important is Nicotine to You (After Quitting Cigs)

    For me its all about taste now , if I wanted to smoke to something just for the nic I wouldn't of given cigs away , smoking cigs I've found was something I did till I discovered the joy of smoking a pipe , like growing a goatee it feels like something I was just ment to do and has been one of...
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    I’ll Tell You What...

    I can only swing like that after too many op Bundy rums and a big toke outa my special pipe , then I turn into Johnny
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    During These Times Of Unrest, Do You ?

    Hav 2 peterson tankards , my fav at the moment , closely followed by a bigger peterson 2018 Christmas pipe for longer after dina enjoyment he he
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    Looking To Speak With Other Canadians Who Order From

    At least yours got returned , down here in Oz our custom office's like to keep said seizers for themselves
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    During These Times Of Unrest, Do You ?

    At over $100 a tin down here in Oz and overseas post getting hammered , while you can gamble and drink as much alcohol as you like , i'm trying to limit my smokeing indulgence , bloody gumbyment run by muppets ,
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    Left Over Tobacco.

    Hey g'day, I've found my cadence and choice of tobacco dictates how much dottle , the older I get , the slower I smoke which in turn equals less dottle and more pondering , slow down and relax and enjoy the whole bowl , and stockpile while ya can , they are makein it harder down here to...
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    What Is The Most Repellent Blend?

    Limey ole bastard , sorry , mr spell check must have liked it he he
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    What Is The Most Repellent Blend?

    Lumley old barriers did it for me , was like smoking the ash out of a campfire
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    Anyone Else Not A Fan Of The P-Lip

    Just putting flame to a bowlfull myself , out of same pipe , enjoy
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    Whatho from England

    Welcome from Australia , good luck , pack light , toke slow , enjoy .
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    Hello from British Columbia Canada

    G'day welcome and hope you enjoy your peterson when it arrives , I myself have found peterson pipes of late , started with a tankard churchy and now have a few more with a 2018 christmas pipe no.6 on the way which I am excitedly waiting for , puff enjoy and be happy
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    How to PM

    Stranger even that I had to ask , maybe it's time to lift my self imposed ban on personal technological advancement and get with the times , thanks again Tom
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    How to PM