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  1. L

    Who Does Good Work With Silver Bands on Meerschaum?

    Thanks folks for the help. jpmcwjr sorry no photos yet been working tons, watching my son play baseball (alot of baseball!!!) and about to head to Memphis to see my other son. maybe in a couple of days.
  2. L

    Who Does Good Work With Silver Bands on Meerschaum?

    Thanks George. Makes sense, compression, especially on a crack won't work. I had hoped it might have a chance to be saved. Oh well.
  3. L

    Who Does Good Work With Silver Bands on Meerschaum?

    Dang it!! My Peterson Baskerville Meer cracked right down the back of the shank. Didn't drop it or anything. was just smokingit and there it was. It was beginning to color nicely too. :cry: Any suggestions for who does great band work?
  4. L

    Very sad news

    Definitely sad news. My condolence to his family.
  5. L

    Conniston Cut Plug?

    Was thinking of ordering some Conniston Cut plug. I am curious as to how it compares to Dark Flake or Dark Birdseye? I like both of these and Ennerdale as well and it sounds interesting from the reviews I have read. Just wondering if it was similar or totally different. Thanks.
  6. L

    First Taste of War Horse Green

    No bubblegum taste when I smoke it. It does seem to benefit from a few days in an occasionally opened jar. I like the Red Much better than the Green, but the Green is not bad.
  7. L

    Peterson & Laser Engraved Nomenclature

    Don't like it. I have to agree, when compared to stamped it seems cheap!
  8. L

    Embarrassing Moments

    1989 me and my new bride were visiting Gatlinburg. We were walking through one of the shops and this young lady walks up beside me and takes hold of my left hand as she looked at various items. So I walked with her for a while, just holding her hand and not saying a word. My wife gave me a...
  9. L

    Gawith, Hoggarth & Co. - Dark Bird's Eye

    I have some that has about 6 or 7 years age on it. It has turned almost black, has mellowed and is an absolutely wonderful strong smoke. Just picked up another bag to put in the cellar.
  10. L

    Lane Limited Ready-Rubbed (Edgeworth)

    I do like the flavor of the Sutliff match. It is like smoking a chocolate bar. Unfortunately, even with drying, it is about as difficult as I would imagine keeping a chocolate bar lit would be.
  11. L

    The Dishwasher Myth

    I'm installing a new dishwasher for the wife this morning. Old one just wasn't working as well as it should. Still not gonna put my pipes in there!
  12. L

    Anyone Ever Work in a Tobacco Field?

    Yep, more than I care to remember.
  13. L

    Lost my Sponsee and Friend

    So sorry to hear this news. Its tough loosing a friend. You did your best, so try not to think you are responsible for what happened. I'm sure there are others that will need your help.
  14. L

    TRoost Slices

    Aint' that the Troost, Russ! You know they say the Troost will set you free.. :wink:
  15. L

    Dental, Briefly

    mso and zito, Hope things get fixed smoothly and without pain with your dental issues. My wife is a hygienist and my son will start dental school in July. I personally hate going to the dentist...My wife knows I am a big chicken! 8O