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  1. kashmir

    C&D Star of the East - Good Stuff!

    My go to blend. Been promoting it for years. Got twenty pounds cellared.
  2. kashmir

    McClelland 40th Now $150 a Tin on eBay

    I only managed to scoop up Blue Balkan and Drama Reserve, five tins each, before the market stock plummeted. Most of my stash is GLP and C&D.
  3. kashmir

    McClelland 40th Now $150 a Tin on eBay

    Pfffft. I'm waiting till it gets to $500 a tin, before selling my twenty tins.
  4. kashmir

    Forget Historical Figure Conversations... Now You Have a Billion Dollars

    I'd buy the company Dunhill and turn it around. After first erecting a 5 meter high bronze statue of Alfred Dunhill in Trafalgar Square.
  5. kashmir

    Dunhill White Spot Drama

    I always thought Sasieni's four dots were tiny pearls of lapis lazuli from Tibet. Post-family Sasieni used blue pool chalk I understand.
  6. kashmir

    Which Historical Character Would You Choose To Share A Bowl With?

    I'd like to take JRR Tolkein to the LOTR and hobbit movies. And afterwards over tea and scones, and a pipe or three, discuss what he thought of them. My idea of the ideal weekend.
  7. kashmir

    Dunhill Availability

    By the way, I just purchased twenty-five tins of Dunhill London Mixture. I can't envision a future without London Mixture. What will I smoke when I read my Doyle?
  8. kashmir

    Dunhill Availability

    Yes, I think Dunhill tin prices will skyrocket. Perhaps even more so than McClellands, as they are more widely known outside the USA. Although the inventory of Dunhill tins is probably ten times that of McClellands tins. So it'll take a while before the pinch is felt. Actually the present...
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    Puffing Incognito -

    Thanks gents. Glad to be back.
  10. kashmir

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (March 2018)

    Starting the day with Rattray's Jock's Mixture in a Comoy's Blue Riband billiard.
  11. kashmir

    Saturday Morning PAD and TAD

    Starting the day with Rattray's Jock's Mixture in a Comoy's Blue Riband billiard.
  12. kashmir

    Puffing Incognito -

    Yes, Im one of the six administrators for the Gentleman's Pipe Smoking Society on Facebook. We've got 13,000 members, so we're kept busy. That's partly why I stopped posting here.
  13. kashmir

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (March 2018)

    Thank you @oldtoby.
  14. kashmir

    What Books Are You Reading? (2018)

    I'm reading a great book. It's called "The Messiah of Septimania" by Lee Levin.
  15. kashmir

    What Music Are You Listening To ( March, 2018)

    Louis Armstrong's 1928 Columbia recording with Fatha Earl Hines tickling the ivories.