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    Splendid Thrift Store Find

    Could it be for poker cards on top and chips under? Great find!
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    Morning Coffee and a Pipe

    One opinion. What about when the coffee's crap? Or great coffee too long on the hot plate? Milk and sugar save the day. I drank only black coffee for almost 50 years. Now I make my own cappucinni, and it's as good as from a fine coffee shop. Still enjoy a great black coffee when I'm away...
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    Latakia %%%

    OK, this one started badly and is not getting better. The thread is dead, Jim.
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    Tobacco trades and sales

    No problem! I expect some decent free tobacco when I visit your lounge.... but aren't you down under? Will you front me air fare???
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    Proposed Tobacco Taxes

    It makes a lot of sense to me. Same as not automatically putting a glass of water on a restaurant table when the patron doesn't want it. Saves on water, energy, especially in the washing drying cycle.
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    How Large is Your Pipe Collection in Proportion to How Much You Smoke?

    The proportion is just fine! 80-100 pipes, smoke on average 4-5 bowls a day. Rotation is down to about 30 pipes.
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    Tobacco trades and sales

    Yes! Ruminate, cogitate, masticate, master the art of patience.
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    Greetings from Door County Wisconsin

    Welcome! Please put your location in your Profile, as people are forgetful. Why: That will save questions in the future as to where you live when you later mention local stores, weather, tobacco prices, availability, regulations, location of photos, wildfires, air quality, etc. In many...
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    What to Use...

    Just do it with the stem inserted. It'll clean the whole airway that way and no worries about swelling.
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    Morning Coffee and a Pipe

    And you are correct, Sir! I heard many many commercials from both houses! Too many!
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    What to Use...

    In my meanderings, I have tested and tested: Water on the stem brings out existing oxidation, and doesn't cause it. (From tepid to very hot water.)
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    My Absence Of Late And Recent Adventures

    Congrats on all counts! And that moose- you could toboggan on one of those things!
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    What to Use...

    Probably just a wannabe.....
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    Relights and Packing Methods

    Drying tobacco in the Islands is a real chore! Whatever works for you, though.