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  1. jonasclark

    New Tekin Bullcap Rhodesion Meerschaum

    Jaywise, please post a thread when you get it! For the time being, I'll say that this specific style of floral carving with latticed designs was created by Sevket Gezer, and the current master is Tekin, which yours surely is; it's loosely based on designs by one of the first three Turkish...
  2. jonasclark

    Well, OK Then...

    I've also seen a meer where, on the front is-- well, I'll couch this in allegorical terms. "Twig with berries, in the process of spelunking." No bodies, no limbs, just the bare 'bones' 'in the act.' Believe it or not, I've encountered that carving on two separate occasions, too. Neither was...
  3. jonasclark

    Help with a Meer?

    Probably not a carver; this manufacturer would likely have had several carvers. The most famous of those in the early days was Hayim Pinhas. I'd wager this is from the early 1970s, and "black meerschaum" is most definitely a misspelling of "block," which it is. It'll probably color very well.
  4. jonasclark

    Fun Me! Yanik Is A Mad Genius!

    Got two of Yanik's myself and I think they're the cat's pyjamas. That goat is really spectacular!
  5. jonasclark

    Paratroop Regiment Meer

    How could I tell that it's Turkish? Nothing European used those brown-red-amber plastic stems, and Turkish carving is not like antique carving.
  6. jonasclark

    Well, OK Then...

    I've seen this specific subject, with the hand, several times. This is the best-carved of the lot, but it's still an absolutely bizarre subject. Just as Ben Rapaport notes in his book regarding antique meerschaums, in my experience most Turkish meerschaums with X-rated themes are not well-carved.
  7. jonasclark

    New H. Cor Meerschaum Pipe

    Very, very nice. Not precisely a classic shape but in that realm, great silver mount, everything looks good.
  8. jonasclark

    A New Meerschaum Acquisition

    Very nice solid pipe. Love the unusual shape and green stem. If it's signed Tekin, it was carved by Tekin. I've never seen any evidence of mastercarved pipes bearing one signature, but being by another carver. That creamy color says to me it's made of very high-quality block, dipped in...
  9. jonasclark

    Paratroop Regiment Meer

    Love it! Just FYI, that's Turkish, and probably early 2000s or newer, which is around when the ability to easily commission pipe started.
  10. jonasclark

    Finally Got a Meer!

    By the way, the coloring on your pipe is from smoking, not one of those dye jobs that were common. Great pipe, and Ric will handle it well!
  11. jonasclark

    Looking for Some Information On this Table Top Pipe

    I'd love to find one of these. I don't think I'd pay a lot for one, maybe $25, but if I found one for that, I'd snap it up and use it. Great find! Definitely African meerschaum with that lovely "calcined" finish, a pre-color effect commonly seen on African meerschaum. Hope you get a good amount...
  12. jonasclark

    How Do They?

    A drill bit can be put on the end of a flexible shaft, encased in a rigid, bent tube. Many antique meerschaums have draft holes bored that way, which could not have been done using a straight drill. Whether this or that current carver is using these, I can't say.
  13. jonasclark

    Can Anyone Out There Help Me Identify This Pipe?

    Richmond, one needed a small alcohol lamp, with a shade having a narrow top to concentrate the flame, a long pin, and a container for the opium, which was a sort of tarry substance. You'd dip up a bit on the pin, roast it over the flame until hard, crack it off into the tiny opening on the bowl...
  14. jonasclark

    Can Anyone Out There Help Me Identify This Pipe?

    Not an opium pipe. The Chinese water pipes that always get called opium pipes (the more common type has a boxy base with a tall, bent stem) are for tobacco. Like the Japanese kiseru, these are used with a very fine, and potent, shag tobacco that gets rolled into a ball. I'd assume this pictured...
  15. jonasclark

    The Radiator Pipe

    I've wondered about them. I've never tried a Falcon, but I adore my Kirstens.