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  1. johnnyreb

    Handing The Pipe Down

    I came from 2-3 generations of pipe smokers. Not that any of their pipes were family heirlooms but it was only natural that I wanted their pipes when their time passed; I had started smoking a pipe in college. I suspect feelings about my pipes & the pipes of the previous couple of generations...
  2. johnnyreb

    Self-Driving Cars ... Maybe

    I see it as privately owned cars will likely disappear especially in major metropolitan areas. But instead of a Taxi as we know them now you will schedule a driverless "Uber" to come pick you up. Longer trips over the road such as for business will likely be shared among small groups.
  3. johnnyreb

    Laid Off at the Foundry

    A "driverless" motor freight industry is predicted to happen by 2030...just 12 yrs away. The other big shocker is babies born today will never actually drive a car due to GPS/driverless technology...just 16 yrs or less.
  4. johnnyreb

    She Wet My Pipe

    Cosmic, Hunter, those were good times!
  5. johnnyreb

    Are Forums Dying, And Why?

    After a year or two most forums get to be been there...done that.
  6. johnnyreb

    Active Members Reply Here

    Been there...done that.
  7. johnnyreb

    Ken Burns Vietnam War Documentary on PBS

    In several states now if not most (it may be federal) the law says if a HS student doesn't have enough credits to graduate with their class then they can continue attending to complete those credits until they reach their 20th birthday. In practice what happens with these "at risk kids" is the...
  8. johnnyreb

    Why no love for Aromatics

    Hey Warren, good to hear from you! You still swinging that big...lens around?
  9. johnnyreb

    Why no love for Aromatics

    I can't remember who it was that coined the phrase a couple of yrs ago when Molto Dolce was all the rage among aro smokers, that it was like smoking Play-Doh. Having just tried a sample at that time, I thought that was pretty accurate.
  10. johnnyreb

    Bigfoot Spotted Maybe With Pipe

    Can't be Sasquatch, it has a long neck.
  11. johnnyreb

    Help Me Celebrate Fishnbanjo Day!

    Thanks Jay. I was playing around with exposure trying for that old faded Daguerreotype photography. Maybe I channeled the spirit of Major John S. Mosby, the Gray Ghost of the Confederacy? I don't have any flapcaps like Banjo wears. I like something offering a little bit more shade.
  12. johnnyreb

    Help Me Celebrate Fishnbanjo Day!

    Trying to look ol' timey. images https
  13. johnnyreb

    "Winter's Bone" - Anybody seen it? No spoilers

    The novel "Winter's Bone" was written by Daniel Woodrell. Woodrell also wrote the historical novel "Woe to Live On" which was made into the movie "Ride With the Devil". Another great book & movie.