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  1. John_Barleycorn

    How About Match Blends?

    Never had much luck with match tobaccos. Some are fine blends but don't call them match. Nowadays some famous blends are manufactored by other brands in other country from the originals, I'll consider them also match blends...
  2. John_Barleycorn

    Ghost Options

    When a briar is ghosted with strong Lakeland scents it becomes my Lakeland tobacco pipe. Never had luck whit that kind of ghosts...
  3. John_Barleycorn

    Returning to Beginning Blends

    Some blends I could not manage at the time because of the lack of thecnique such as flakes and plugs.
  4. John_Barleycorn


    My wife does not like the smell of Latakia but otherwise has no objections. If I smoke a cigar, however, sometimes she asks me to take some puffs... on the other hand, she's Cuban 😉
  5. John_Barleycorn


    Welcome to the community! Greetings from Switzerland. John
  6. John_Barleycorn

    Hi All from Maryland, USA

    Welcome to the community! Greetings from Switzerland. John
  7. John_Barleycorn

    Hello from Michigan

    Welcome to the community! Greetings from Switzerland. John
  8. John_Barleycorn

    Mixing Blends

    The only mix that worked for me is the "Cosmic Twist" 50% Navy Flake and 50% Twist Flake (both from the Peter Stokkebye Luxury line). For me it means that by mixing two tobaccos, that alone don't tell me much, I get something better.
  9. John_Barleycorn

    All Hail Ennerdale!

    Ennerd-hail! 😆
  10. John_Barleycorn

    What Makes a Favourite Pipe.

    Must smoke fine. Always.
  11. John_Barleycorn

    Any Good Summer Blend Recommendations?

    Orlik Golden Sliced or Capstan Gold for Va lovers. Early Morning or Rattray's Red Rapparee if you like orientals and just a little latakia. SG Grousemoor or GH Glengarry Flake if you don't mind the light Lakeland style topping.
  12. John_Barleycorn

    Show Us Your De-Facto, *Best* Smoker

    Right now the one that is giving me the most satisfaction is this inexpensive Chacom Personality. Wonderful virginia smoker.
  13. John_Barleycorn

    Hello from Phoenix, AZ

    Welcome to the community! Greetings from Switzerland. John
  14. John_Barleycorn


    Not bad, but I will not smoke it again. Clan is a classic that has to be tryed once, but it will ghost your pipe so if you don't already know it and like it for me is better to smoke it in a cob...
  15. John_Barleycorn

    Do You Smoke Clay Pipes?

    I have two that I use to taste new mixtures unknown to me or for tobaccos that are otherwise too strong or particular in briars.