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  1. Jerry144

    Half and Half Tobacco

    I tried a pouch of Half&Half, then bought a tub. Simple and great.
  2. Jerry144

    Smaller Pipes...

    Well I guess your jaws are stronger than mine! ;)
  3. Jerry144

    Smaller Pipes...

    I have loved big ol' Lorenzos for a long time. Still do. Especially the heavily rusticated ones. But lately, I have been enjoying small light pipes that I can clench... I only have 3 or 4 little ones, but they sure are a pleasure. Especially if I am working in the shop or something where...
  4. Jerry144

    Do You Smoke Outside Your Home/Yard?

    On the porch, in my truck, and in my shop. No way can I smoke in the house ' know... sigh
  5. Jerry144

    G.L. Pease Windjammer

    Well now another one to add to my 'try it out' list. Dammit. Nice review - thank you for taking the time to do it
  6. Jerry144

    Rim Chip

    Everyone does 'pipes' differently - But I like it as is.
  7. Jerry144

    Tobacco for New Smokers

    I am not too proud for Half/Half and other OTCs. Hell I would smoke Jonson grass... But I would not drive an Escort.
  8. Jerry144

    A Pipe Smoker's Vices

    Oooohhh that's even a leg vise. (Which is different from a 'legs vise')
  9. Jerry144

    Experimental Texture

    Well I am laughing about this whole suspension deal little brother! Consider yourself chastised....
  10. Jerry144

    Aging in the Tin - Is That a Thing?

    Hi All - basic question about aging tobacco. Will it age in a sealed tin? Seems like it needs air contact. C&D tins in particular are hermetically sealed. So does that mean they do not age (significantly)? Do you empty your tins into jars as soon as you get them?
  11. Jerry144

    Crumble Cake? What For?

    Hey I am enjoying C&D Blockade Runner this week. Its the first crumble cake I have had. But its super loosely compacted - just falls apart when you touch it.... Seems like it might as well just be 'ready rub' What is the purpose of this tobacco format?
  12. Jerry144

    Resurrected Straight Dublin

    Well - from another broken down old guy - I think the 'before' was a pretty pipe that I would be proud to own. But, to me, the 'after' one is really special. Congratulations!
  13. Jerry144


    Man you should move. That's a survival situation you have there....
  14. Jerry144

    Lost Pipe. Bleh.

    this one is nice IMO
  15. Jerry144

    Lost Pipe. Bleh.

    Sorry to hear about that! Losing something like that just sucks. Kirsten are interesting pipes though. I had not heard of them. There are several on ebay.