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  1. jbbaldwin

    I’ll Tell You What...

    CB Gold burns the daylights out of me, but my wife adores the aroma. I can get away with mixing a little in with a ho-hum blend for her sake but I can't take it straight.
  2. jbbaldwin

    Morning Smoke

    I really like a bowl of Nightcap in the morning. (Seems that The Old Cajun suggested that in the forums years ago, and it stuck with me.)
  3. jbbaldwin

    ***What Are You Smoking, May 2020?***

    Penzance (opened today after about five years' aging) in a Boswell bent brandy.
  4. jbbaldwin

    Anyone Ever Smoke a Cigar in a Pipe?

    I read somewhere that the novelist William Faulkner was given an expensive cigar by his father. He broke off the end and put it in his pipe. It was the last cigar his father ever gave him, as the story goes.
  5. jbbaldwin

    What Musical Instruments Do You Play?

    Students start on a practice chanter with a plastic reed - it's quiet enough to play just about anywhere. Most people don't "graduate" to the full set of pipes for a year or more, and even then, you have the option of parlor pipes, shuttle pipes, or other indoor-appropriate instruments. (And...
  6. jbbaldwin

    It Is Official... Rad Davis Has Retired

    Like the rest of you, I'm happy for him but sad for the rest of us. I consider myself fortunate to have one of his pipes and think he's a great fellow and carver.
  7. jbbaldwin

    What Musical Instruments Do You Play?

    To qualify for a music education degree, we had to be able to play all of the standard band and orchestra instruments to a level of competency roughly equivalent to that of the average early high-school student in addition to playing our major instrument at an advanced level. Since then, I have...
  8. jbbaldwin

    Favorite Pipe Smoking Musician

    In honor of his birthday, here is Samuel Barber. Here is his best-known piece, the Adagio for Strings, used almost continuously in the film Platoon: Here is one more, the Summer Music for wind quintet - a little more obscure, but among the best of its...
  9. jbbaldwin

    Star of the East Flakes vs. Bulk

    I think the flavors are more pleasing in the non-flake form, but I can't explain how -- it just tastes better to me. (This is counter to every other blend I've ever had. I will choose the flake over the ribbon in every other case.) It does seem to burn a whole lot faster than the flake...
  10. jbbaldwin

    Orlik's Dark Strong Kentucky Is Finally Here Again!

    Yay! I enjoy PH but Me, too. I also look forward to the lesser licorice -- sounds intriguing.
  11. jbbaldwin

    Sound Off, Lurkers!

    I mostly lurk but always read, if you think 580 posts in 2 1/2 years qualifies as lurking...
  12. jbbaldwin

    A Little Something For Christmas Eve - USAF Band Flash Mob

    That's last year's excellent recording. This year, they added some choreography (and a passel of drums): This is one fine group of musicians.
  13. jbbaldwin

    Favorite Pipe Smoking Musician

    In the leisure time afforded by the season, I've run across a reason for thread resurrection: Sir William Walton, best known for the coronation marches Orb and Sceptre and Crown Imperial as well as for the incredible cantata Belshazzar's Feast. He looks a little like Copland in the first photo...
  14. jbbaldwin

    Old Time Radio ....

    Bob and Ray are my favorites. (My signature line was their sign-off for many years.) Second the WAMU Big Broadcast - good programming for several hours every Sunday.
  15. jbbaldwin

    Just past my pedagogy exam

    Now you've done it - there's no escape! (20 years teaching music here. Good ones, on the whole - hope yours are, too.)