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  1. irishearl

    Your Favorite Bulldog?

    If you're wanting a big bulldog with a deep bowl, then the Peterson SH squire is for you.
  2. irishearl

    Your Favorite Bulldog?

    Yes, indeed. Have that 1 and it is my favorite bulldog. It has a pretty large and deep bowl for a bulldog which I especially like.
  3. irishearl

    How Long Does a Bowl Last You?

    Been smoking some 45 years and smoke at a moderate pace, but not a sipper. Ribbon cut tobaccos generally last me 5 minutes in a small bowl, 15-20 in a magnum, which is why I smoke multiple bowls per sitting. I shoot for around 45 minutes. Flakes are a far different matter, generally lasting 3...
  4. irishearl

    Old Peterson With Some History and um... an Unusual Finish

    So, why now did you buy a pipe better left for dead?;)
  5. irishearl

    High Grade Peterson vs Savinelli Punto Oro vs ???

    Pete spigots are fantastic pipes. I own 2.
  6. irishearl

    Another Misleading eBay Offering

    My African Peterson meer hasn't colored quite to my liking. Started out white of course and small sections have developed a honey color which I like. But the ridges turned a very dark ash gray.
  7. irishearl

    Ardor "Giant" at 10/3/21

    Yeah, many of my pipes tend to end up stained at the back of the rim from smoke. Sometimes a spit and a rub help. sometimes it doesn't.
  8. irishearl

    Another Misleading eBay Offering

    That's a blasted 2015 Peterson Founder's Edition briar. I have the rusticated version of that.
  9. irishearl


    For me, that would be a small fortune of an investment.
  10. irishearl

    Silver Maintenance

    I simply spit into a tissue, dip it into my ash tray to pick up some tobacco ash and rub the silver. Works like a charm.
  11. irishearl

    Stain Shedding on Brand New Pipe

    As an aside, when you water flushed, did you allow water to simply flow over the bowl? Don't know if that sort of thing should take stain off, but the only time and way I flush with water is when a bowl is a bit clogged. I use an eye dropper to fill a bowl with very hot water, holding it for a...
  12. irishearl

    Pipe Tobacco Tax 2021—a Link to Make your Voice Heard!!!

    For what it was worth, I did it. Link makes it pretty easy.
  13. irishearl

    Its a miracle

    Good for you. I know an avid pipe guy who still can't taste anything and it's been about a year for him.
  14. irishearl

    2100% Increase On Pipe Tobacco Date?

    Conceivable I could live another 20 years. However, at my rate of smoking, I'd need another 120 pounds to last that long. Ain't no way I'd shell out $5000 or so up front to get it.;)
  15. irishearl

    Show Off your Love for the Calabash

    As to cleaning the inside of the gourd, that was a real issue for me at the time I had my only gourd calabash. Over time, the oils/tars(?) developed unattractive dark staining at the base of the gourd. I hung onto it though til the bowl ended up cracking.