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  1. huntertrw

    ***What Are You Smoking, July 2020?***

    Carole Burns-blended Pipeworks & Wilke Cherry Cavendish in a rusticated Caminetto Business billiard with saddle bit featuring the gold-stamped logotype of Gianni Davoli's mustache.
  2. huntertrw

    Chicago People: Did Hugh Hefner Hang Out At Iwan Reis?

    Playboy used re-touched photographs??? Say it ain't so!
  3. huntertrw

    ***What Are You Smoking?*** (November, 2019)

    A bowl of well-aged Thanksgiving Day blend (L.J. Peretti Co., Inc.) in an estate Sasieni rusticated Canadian briar. Interestingly, the last time I smoked this particular pipe was on July 19, 1997 at the memorial service for Gene Hill at the Amwell Consvervancy in New Jersey.
  4. huntertrw

    Show Us Your Sasieni Pipes

    ssjones: Based upon the images above you seem to have a "bent" for Sasienis! :)
  5. huntertrw

    *** What Are You Smoking? *** (October, 2019)

    IRC's Dr. Bradley Mixture (IRC info here) in an estate Ehrlich Select smooth apple with fish-tail bit. Exceptionally tasty with a cup of hot, black, coffee on a Fall evening!
  6. huntertrw

    What Is So Great About Castellos

    They have been famous for years and years. Here's a picture of Abbott and Castello:
  7. huntertrw

    New GL Pease Blend

    Oooh, but I do love Red Virginia! Thank-you Mr. Pease, this blend sounds delightful, and I look forward to trying it soon.
  8. huntertrw

    Broken Pipe: Robert A. Peretti (1921-2019)

    Here is the text of Mr. Peretti's obituary from the aforementioned funeral home Website: Robert A. Peretti February 19, 1921 ~ June 28, 2019 (age 98) Robert A Peretti of Belmont died on June 28 at age of 98. He was born in Boston in 1921, the son of Joseph and Florence Peretti. He leaves his...
  9. huntertrw

    Broken Pipe: Robert A. Peretti (1921-2019)

    Here's a bit of background information from a 1993 Peretti catalog: "Over a century ago Libero Joseph Peretti started his modest tobacco business in the vicinity of Boston's North Station on Exchange Street. In these early years the firm grew and prospered. Until the turn of the century the...
  10. huntertrw

    Broken Pipe: Robert A. Peretti (1921-2019)

    Here is a link (Robert A. Peretti) to the funeral home's Website where his obituary is pending publication. Mr. Peretti turned 98 in February of this year. Rest in peace, Sir!
  11. huntertrw

    Very sad news

    Here is a link (Cancer Survivors Day celebrates life after diagnosis) from, and which gives some background concerning Mr. Giuliani. Rest in peace, Sir!
  12. huntertrw


    To my palate the best I have enjoyed is Pusser's, the original Royal Navy Rum. Here's a link (Pusser's Rum) to their Website for those who might be interested.
  13. huntertrw

    *** What Are You Smoking?*** (June 2019)

    Late 1990s vintage Royal's Darby in an estate Hilson Splendid Dublin with fishtail bit. Despite being 20+ years-old this blend delivered a delightful smoke. Royal's Darby was a creation of the late Darby Pipe Shop of Mattoon, Illinois, and was described in Larry Kniepkamp's blend list as...
  14. huntertrw

    Charatan Coronation -- One of the Most Perfect Straight Grain Specimens Known

    Concerning Kenneth Barnes (our Ken Barnes' kinsman), Mr. Noble was quite complimentary, writing, "Practically from the time he bought the firm, Lane hired Ken Barnes and placed him in charge of his European operations, based in London. Barnes was a suave retired British colonel, married to an...
  15. huntertrw

    Charatan Coronation -- One of the Most Perfect Straight Grain Specimens Known

    It seems to me that Mr. Lane rolled the dice (and won, albeit temporarily) when he introduced the then-stratospherically-priced Supreme S-100 Freehand and the other subsequently more expensive models. As a keen marketer, perhaps he truly believed that high retail prices denoted high quality in...