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  1. hugodrax

    What's a Pipe That "Smokes Good"?

    In today's sign of the pending apocalypse, I completely agree with Warren!
  2. hugodrax

    Lane Closing in US--Should I Worry?

    Feudalism: it's your Count that votes.
  3. hugodrax

    Why is Pipe Smoking Associated With Medieval Themed Books/Movies/Events?

    The English renaissance happened a bit later than that of the more civilized world. A tiny clay would be quite appropriate for an Elizabethan court.
  4. hugodrax

    Los Angeles County Ban...Anything Cased or Topped?

    What? The fruits and nuts don't want to taste fruits and nuts??
  5. hugodrax

    Ebay seller great-estate-pipes

    Oh, I understand. But I'd suggest he might not be avoiding you. I know when I used to sell pipes on Ebay I'd often cue auctions to start days before they actually went online. Don't ever take me too seriously.
  6. hugodrax

    Ebay seller great-estate-pipes

    You send me thirty messages in a week, I'd probably ignore you, too.
  7. hugodrax

    What do you call a good pipe tobacco

    Balance. I think that makes me a bit of a dinosaur, but I don't care for blends with too much going on. I prefer a harmonious whole to varied tastes depending on which leaf is burning at the time. This doesnt mean a lack of complexity, but rather, a consistency in flavour.
  8. hugodrax

    Pipes Around The World?

    Tsuge from Japan.
  9. hugodrax

    Winner of the 7-Day Set

    The one at 9 o'clock looks familiar to anyone that's ever gelded a stallion....
  10. hugodrax

    How to Clean Silver Bands

    Cigar ash on a damp microfiber cloth
  11. hugodrax

    After Two Years, I'm back you Frenchiesonofbitches

    It's the weirdo burnouts that keep me coming back.
  12. hugodrax

    Request to Help Identify Period of Meerschuam

    What he said. Austrian most likely, perhaps French. The silver work is exquisitely done and probably has a maker's mark in addition to the hallmarks.
  13. hugodrax

    Request to Help Identify Period of Meerschuam

    It's of the time period indicated and very high quality stone and carving combined,and it is in extraordinary condition. You did rather well.
  14. hugodrax

    Captain Black Cherry

    Guilty pleasure of mine.
  15. hugodrax

    Welcome To The 3rd Annual Fishnbanjo Day.

    Without question the best thread I've ever seen here. Keep it up, gents.