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  1. hiplainsdrifter

    I’ve Lost My First Love......

    Saying a person really misses McClelland is kind of an odd statement in my mind given the vast catalog they had. Everything from orientals to classic red Virginia's etc. I've sure if you have a specific McClellan blend you liked you should be able to find something else you like just as much...
  2. hiplainsdrifter

    HH Rustica

    Looks like there's gonna be a lot of HH Rustica on the swap page in a few years. 😁. I don't think I would buy one tin before sampling, let alone ten.
  3. hiplainsdrifter

    Weighing Up COVID-19 And Smoking

    If you can't put it down in the middle of a upper respiratory pandemic, you're addicted brotha. Or maybe suicidal?
  4. hiplainsdrifter

    How Does the Cold Affect the Burn?

    Temperature gradient=condensation. Steeper gradient=more condensation. You either need warmer ambient temp or colder fire. 😁. Packing loosely and smoking in a breeze could theoretically help, but I doubt much. I don't smoke when it is less than 25 degrees.
  5. hiplainsdrifter

    Winter Is Coming... How To Keep Warm While Smoking In The Half-Open Garage.

    I figure if I can't not smoke when it is frigid out, then I have a smoking problem. So I don't. Of course, frigid is a relative term, but I find flavor And enjoyment drop off around 25 degrees F.
  6. hiplainsdrifter

    Am I Smoking Too Much?

    If you think you might smoke to much, you are right.
  7. hiplainsdrifter

    Comoy's Extraordinaire 100

  8. hiplainsdrifter

    Please Advise On First Briar!

    I would save my money and get an older Comoy or Chacom estate off eBay. For me pipes are about class and beauty. Might as well get something you are proud of. If you save a little longer you could get a decent older Ashton or Dunhill.
  9. hiplainsdrifter

    A very generous deal from forum member ashdigger

    A fabulous person to be sure. I have a tin of Klondike Gold he gave me. I will think of him when I open it in 10 or 20 years.
  10. hiplainsdrifter

    Best Drink of Water

    I grew up with great well water out of the Oglalla Aquifer in Nebraska. I have had the opportunity to taste wild water from many streams, rivers, and lakes. I would say my favorite is out of mountain streams that are bedded on limestone.
  11. hiplainsdrifter

    Samuel Gawith Full Virginia Flake

    Yep, agree with the others. Those VA flakes are pretty different. I keep a 'dry jar' for my Gawith VA flakes. They are aged for years, and I will occasionally pull some over to the dry jar and allow it to air out for days in a cool place. Texture should be not crumbling but the flakes...
  12. hiplainsdrifter

    A. Fuente, 8=5=8 Maduro

    I have smoked enough cigars to know there is a vast world of flavors out there, with a huge range in quality and price. I have also discovered that I am perfectly happy sticking with Fuente exclusively for my occasional cigar. In particular, Hemingway Short Story or Best Seller never...
  13. hiplainsdrifter

    Rare (Or getting There) Tobaccos

    AK, that is a huge moose! I would actually consider buying a few unicorns even as a new piper. If you know a general genre that you like, why not. These old crumudgeons lose their mind at the thought of paying double the retail cost of a blend, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth that. On...