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    Summer Ends

    Fall is my favorite season, I love the way the sun shines in October/November. Winter is my next favorite. I dislike Spring, only because here in Texas, it means summer is basically a day away. Pipe smoking is much more enjoyable in the Fall and winter in my opinion, though probably not so much...
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    Recent TAD Pick-Ups

    Great taste in tobacco! I didn’t realize they still made Mahogany! I have a tin from the late 90’s, very heavily scented. Is it still? And man oh man do I love Revor Plug!
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    Summer Ends

    Yes, yes, very good. My 4 year old daughter has learned about the seasons too.
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    Just dug my pipes out of storage

    I side with Newcombe & Hanna on the subject. They reference studies that prove that moderate pipe smoking is very low risk and can actually promote good health as it is a relaxing, meditative activity. I’ve had this debate with my doctor. But there is a big difference between someone that has a...
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    Pipe And Tobacco Artifacts In Kansas City

    Dang! That is really cool! Thanks for sharing!
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    RIP Norm Macdonald

    Yeah, this was sad news! I think he was an underrated comedian. RIP Norm.
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    Just dug my pipes out of storage

    That’s debatable. It all depends on moderation. Guys that smoke up to 10 pipes a day are facing health risks, guys that eat 10 slices of apple pie are also facing serious health risks. As with anything, moderation is important, whether it’s with food or tobacco, there are risks to pretty much...
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    Tough Day for a Good Boy

    Sorry to hear that. My dog, my ol’ pal is 15 years old now, it’s going to tear me up when she goes. I wish you the best.
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    Your Opinion Matters...

    Don’t know about all that but it’s a unique English blend for sure. I really like it. I’m not a fan of QN, I’ve tried it several times and it just never did much for me for whatever reason. MF is probably my favorite Lat blend from GL Pease.
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    Allow me to introduce myself

    Welcome from Texas!
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    Crazy, huh?

    Glad it works for you, some folks thought I was cray cray. Since I have you here, I asked you in another thread but I think you missed it, that or I missed your reply. Im curious when you started noticing changes in Erinmore? I haven’t bought any since early 2017 but the majority of my stash is...
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    Crazy, huh?

    I still do this almost every smoke. Pack two pipes, a different blend in each one. I’ve chilled out a bit though, I used to sit down with 5 to 6 pipes packed at a time and just work my way though them, rotating back and forth between the different blends, as @cosmicfolklore mentioned, it really...
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    Westminster All the Way

    I’m curious, how many years did it have when you opened it?
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    Do Lakeland Blends Ghost Each Other?

    If you are a big fan, I’d recommend dedicating a pipe to one blend. Ennerdale could possibly clash with 1792 Flake, their profiles are quite different. I do have one pipe that I will smoke Lakelands out of though, I keep 1792 out of that pipe, to me, 1792 is its own thing and not really similar...
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    Morning Coffee and a Pipe

    One of the great pleasures I look forward to at the start of each day, just doesn’t get much better than your favorite pipe tobacco and a hot cup o’ joe!