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    List Your Pipes

    Fan of Classic Billiards 1956 Dunhill 1974 Parker 1983, 1987, 1989 Stanwells Royal Danish 51 Pioneer African Meer Chacom 110 Peterson Aran Peterson WhiteStar Canadian Oval Shanked Stanwell Kaywoodie Savenelli 111 Austrian Sandblast Assorted Cobs and Baskets
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    Being a Codger is Hard

    Right as the mail, every morning, at 6:30am, my grandfather would take a healthy dump. Problem was he’d occasionally sleep til 7.
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    I've Found my kind of Dunhill -The Classic 197

    A Beauty
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    New Member from Upstate New York

    Welcome from the New Jersey Shore!
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    Lane Limited Ready Rubbed

    I used to be quite the MacBaren fan. Symphony, Golden Extra, Norwood, Burley London el al. Acadian Perique, Old Dark Fired etc. In the end it was Granger that blew MY mind. Go figure?
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    One Blend in One Pipe for One Week

    Ha. Child’s play! Granger, in a dirty coconut with a bamboo stem.
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    Pipe Smokers Who have Settled on a Few Standbys

    Great post, Edger. Novelty is fun but wears off after discovering one’s likes and dislikes. From there, in my case, down to a genre and then further to a handful of burley or burley forward blends. Of these, I’m sure I could be satisfied if limited to any one. Knowing you’re going to enjoy that...
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    What Do I Need?

    Kaarigar, My routine. Paper towel onto which I set my lighter, one pipe cleaner, pipe tool, ash tray and my loaded pipe. Next stop? The coffee pot. You’ll really need to experiment with pairing something to sip. If you sip something sweet just before you puff, sometimes that can really bring...
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    Pipe Smokers Who have Settled on a Few Standbys

    Tonight, after Granger, I enjoyed a bowl of aged Dunhill MM965— because someone had posted about it—The power of suggestion. It’s a fantastic blend; but it’s not My blend. Nothing will ever taste as good to me or satisfy like a fresh bowl of Granger. Tomorrow night, I’ll dip into some...
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    The Advantages of "Too Many" Pipes (Or "Too Few")

    My Doctor thought I had a case of crabs once, but she only counted “twenty three”of em.
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    The Tobbacolypse: Would it Affect You at All?

    I have enough Granger to enjoy one average sized bowl per day for 10.3 years. Granger could go the way of Prince Albert at any time. So, I’d need twice as much to feel comfy. The math: 170 bowls per 12 ounce tub multiplied by 22 tubs is 3,740 bowls —- divided by 365 days per year equates to...
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    Don’t Leave Your Cobs Laying Around

    I Love it! Enjoy it!
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    The Advantages of "Too Many" Pipes (Or "Too Few")

    MSO While Granger has long ago conquered my TAD, I’ve contracted quite the case of PAD since joining this forum—I have a Parker Sandblast Billiard arriving Tuesday. I have quite a modest collection of 25 at the moment (soon to be 26) and each pipe I acquire I promise myself is the last. I...
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    C&D Pegasus

    I like Pegasus. It has a nice sidestream. I had to follow up my Granger with a bowl of Pegasus after seeing this post. I like it’s nic level. I like the taste and room note. It can be a tad harsh on retro. I mean just a tiny bit. But thats only because I retro on every puff as granger allows...
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    I'm a Lurker

    Sometimes Les is More. Welcome Les, from the Jersey Shore.