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    Comoy's 283 Grand Slam Restoration

    As always Al, nicely done. Dutch
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    Making a Military-Style Stem from a Molded Blank (video set)

    George, thanks, not only is your workmanship impeccable but your willingness to share the techniques is truly admirable.Dutch
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    Tanganyika African Meerschaum Bulldog...antique store find

    That pipe was made by the Tanganyika Meerschaum Corporation as one of their own labels. They also made pipes for GBD and others until the supply of African Meerschaum ran out. I have always thought African meerschaum smoked better than all the other varieties. That's a nice pipe at a great...
  4. gloucesterman

    The JimInks Problem

    Jim talks about subtilties that often elude me but I always know whether or not to try a blend based on his assessment. His reviews point me in the right direction. We're lucky to have him here and even luckier he is willing to share.
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    "Vintage Smoking Pipe" (1950 GBD 9242)

    Well done indeed!! That's a keeper. Dutch
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    Reattaching a Snapped-Off Shank (video set)

    Thanks George. The insights and instructions are invaluable. And as always the results speak for themselves!!! Dutch
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    No Peterson PotY 2018 in the states?

    Listed om today.
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    Penthouse (GBD) 9438 Restoration

    Excellent detail work, but we would expect nothing less from you!!!
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    Time For Another Restoration Contest

    There is no shortage of talented restorers on this forum. I'd suggest they make own their choice for a starting point and submit the results to the community to render it's verdict.
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    Question about GBD pipes. Calling on experts.

    Your second pipe is a 357 large Prince. This is the standard designation. GBD often took a standard shape and enhanced the surface to produce a special product. I suspect that was the case here. As has been suggested most stummels used by GBD (for all brands) were made in St. Claude The labeling...
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    New Moretti

    I have a Morreti Morta in a Rhodesian. Smokes wonderfully, Enjoy
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    New Member - Peterson Question

    Anthony, You might be right however without actual production numbers we'll never know for certain but I have to disagree that a pipe produced in a single year and single style could exceed production numbers of a line of pipes offered over a number of years. It is probably true for a single...
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    New Member - Peterson Question

    Build quality is about the same on both. The Pipe of the year however is only offered in a specific year so the overall numbers produced are usually significantly lower, making it a rarer pipe in years to come. POYs usually command better resale values for that reason. Limited Edition pipes are...
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    Why Is Moretti Overlooked?

    I have a set of three Rhodesians (Olivewood, Briar and Morta, same pipe/different materials) and you are right, they smoke as well as any of the Italian brands. They are still a good buy but have gone up in price over the last couple of years. The nice thing about Morreti pipes is that he will...
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    Big Changes Coming, Maybe

    Warren, Like you and Sable, my doctor gave me some choices. For me it came down to contemplating "is existence living?". If the extra few years they're promising are spent drooling on yourself they can keep them. Just one man's opinion.