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    Greetings from Peoria Arizona!

    Greetings from Chicagoland..... It may be a bit of a drive, but there are three great pipe shops in Illinois. Jon's pipe shop in Champaign may be the closest to you. If you ever get up around Chicago way, there is Arlington Pipe and Cigar Lounge in Arlington Heights and the legendary Iwan Reis...
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    FS Dunhill, Vintage Syrian, McClelland's Bombay, Scotch Cake, Petersons's 3-29-21

    Dunhill Standard & Mellow Mix (2012-16) =$10 a tin. Gawith Scotch Cake (2012) = $10 a tin. Peterson's Sherlock Holmes = $10 a tin Vintage Syrian = $50 a tin McClelland's Bombay Court = $50 a tin PM Me if interested.
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    What are You Reading Now?

    Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" one of the most underappreciated existentialist novels of all time.
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    What are You Reading Now?

    Working my way through Das Kapital, The Myth of Sisyphus, and The Essential Basho.
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    Unknown Pipes

    I think the pipes may be Civil War era pipes. I am just guessing here, but the one pipe says "Run" on it, and it has a bull above the word "Run". Maybe it could mean Bull Run, as in the battle?
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    FS -Mac Barren Vintage Syrian, Dunhill Standard and Mellow & Other Blends (3-10-21)

    Shipping is open for discussion. Large purchase = possibly shipping covered.
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    FS -Mac Barren Vintage Syrian, Dunhill Standard and Mellow & Other Blends (3-10-21)

    For Sale: MacBarren Vintage Syrian (2012-13) = $60 a tin Dunhill Standard and Mellow Blend (2012-16) = $20 a tin Petersons Sherlock Holmes (2012) = $10 a tin Gawith Broken Scotch Cake (2012) = $15 a tin All tins are sealed, never opened and in great condition. PM Me for details.
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    What Irish Whiskey do You Like or Recommend I Try?

    Paddy's Irish Whiskey is your best option. It cost anywhere from $16-$25 a bottle. It is a true legacy whiskey named after Cork Distillers most famous salesman.
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    Am I Going Mad....

    Is it a shell or a shilling? The shape is a Dunhill Swan. The shape alone is rare and if it is a shilling, then it is a rather rare Dunhill. More power to the buyer. Collectors are a rare breed.
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    Settle This Cobtroversy - Cob Controversy

    Shermnatman? Nat Sherman?
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    Settle This Cobtroversy - Cob Controversy

    Isn't Shermnatman no longer with us?
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    Apocalypse WW1 (Pipes O'Plenty

    Anyone else ever watch Apocalypse World War 1? First, it is a great documentary series. Second, pipes o'plenty, every other scene has someone smoking a pipe. All kinds of styles are on display. One scene has a German or Austrian soldier smoking a massive pipe. Perhaps the pipe brought a touch of...
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    No Clear Link Between Secondhand Smoke and Lung Cancer

    All life is a risk, but sometimes we over emphasize said risks.