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    L.J. Peretti 150th Flake

    Update: I just received an email that my order from 5/16 has shipped. BOLO!
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    L.J. Peretti 150th Flake

    I ordered 5oz on 5/16. Emailed them over the weekend, and got a response on Tuesday. They told me they are just catching up, and that they expect mine to be filled this week....I'd think yours would be along the same timeline.
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    Best Tobacco Stores Online

    I'd say it all depends on what you're looking for. When it comes to big box online retailers, smokingpipes and tobaccopipes are my tops. I've found that B&M retailers that have an online presence usually have more of the stuff I'm looking for (SG and G&H stuff mainly) - places like Boswell's...
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    Sarasota Pipe Meet

    Weekends are usually the best for me as my work/travel schedule varies.
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    Destination B&Ms

    Same here, when I have time. I'll be headed to Boston in May for work, and you better believe I'll be making a stop at Peretti. Same goes for TCS in Jackson. Looking forward to both.
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    Oh Lord, I Did It Again

    I also have an old Peterson Stirling, with exactly the same band as you described with no hallmarks. Made in Ireland. I think I determined it was made 1945-1949. Excellent pipe for being such an old geezer.
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    ***What Are You Smoking? February 2020.***

    G&H Rum Flake in an English estate billiard.
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    ***What Are You Smoking? February 2020.***

    PS English Luxury in a 1977 Comoys Christmas
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    HH Acadian Perique - Trying New Things

    Balkan Supreme is in stock @, check there.
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    ***What Are You Smoking? January 2020.***

    PS Bullseye Flake in a MM cob.
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    Balkan Supreme Bulk - Are They The Same?

    I recently asked this same question. Seems like it's not sold as PS anymore, only Arango...but was/is made by PS. I ordered a 1oz sample to try, smoked 1 bowl, then ordered 8 more to jar up. Really good stuff.
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    Libation Of Choice?

    Totally depends. Sometimes it's Coke Zero/diet A&W, sometimes coffee, sometimes booze. I'd say coffee most frequently.
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    Plum Pudding Bake Off...

    Another Vote for Special Reserve. It's fantastic stuff. I have a couple tins of the BBA that I'll crack soon to complete the trifecta.
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    Recent TAD Pick-Ups

    Last 2 orders: Westminster 8oz Westminster 2oz Chelsea Morning 8oz Virginia Cream 2oz Father Dempsey 8oz Balkan Supreme 8oz PS English Luxury 1oz PS Proper English 1oz
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    I Finally Took My Virginia Tobacco To The Desert

    Me too. I was waiting for a review from the middle of nowhere.