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    Ennerdale Flake

    I got my order from this latest drop. I have a daughter that went through her Hello Kitty phase and smelling this tobacco reminded me of the smell of those Sanrio Hello Kitty erasers. Definitely not what I was expecting. I'll smoke it tomorrow.
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    Cellarlabels website ?

    Ha! Just read through some of it. I get everyones point of view but I work in Licensing and to be honest a lot of these companies don't care. For example, Disney could easily go after all the people that create fan art and sell it but they don't. It does not make sense financially to spend a...
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    WTB: A Couple Tins Of Gawith Hoggarth Rum Flake. 09/17/2021

    I'm really enjoying the Lakeland sauce and want to try the tinned version. Message me if you can help out. Thank you in advance.
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    Bulk Tobacco vs. Tins

    Ive been buying bulk of Gawith Hoggarth lately and I do find bulk is a little dryer but its fine. I do wish they would mylar bag and seal their bulk tobacco.
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    Where to Buy OTCs Over an Actual Counter?

    I see you are in Las Vegas. Call this spot. Looks like they carry Borkum and Captain Black
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    Our Forum Member Resident Artists

    Just finished this piece for ROOM101 Cigars.
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    Proper Size Mylar Bags for SPC Tins?

    Theres so much room in those SPC tins that I was thinking of mylar bagging the tobacco and tossing the tins.
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    Proper Size Mylar Bags for SPC Tins?

    You're welcome!
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    An Introduction

    Welcome from Los Angeles!
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    Storing Tobacco

    I jar everything I open. Ball loves me. Hahaha!
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    Plum Pudding Time...

    I enjoy both Plum Pudding and the Plum Pudding Special Reserve (stocked up good on both of those). I didn’t really like the new Special Reserve Flake. Might have to revisit it to give it another shot.
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    ***What Are You Smoking, September 2021?***

    Double bowls of Marlin Flake in the Cannonball.
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    Lakelands: Let's Build A Sauce Scale

    Well, just ordered a box. It's my first time trying it so I wont notice. f it. hahaha!