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  1. deleon

    Any Hotels Allow Smoking......ANYWHERE ?

    I live in Texas and I've never had any problems smoking outside any hotels, some do have a smoking area set aside but if no one is outside or it doesn't bother anyone it's all good.
  2. deleon

    Greeting from El Paso, Texas

    Welcome from Texas!
  3. deleon

    Hello ..I Finally Decided to Make a Profile

    Welcome crusher, from Texas
  4. deleon

    Self-Isolation Restorations #3 - Orlik De Luxe and Jeantet Antic

    Great restoration on both, happy smoking!
  5. deleon

    Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter everyone! Enjoy the day!
  6. deleon

    Silver Spigot Polishing

    I've had good luck using Mothers Mag and Aluminum Polish. A little goes along way and with very little effort to polish, saves time.
  7. deleon

    Greetings from a Carpetbagger

    Welcome russel730 from Texas
  8. deleon

    Pierre Morel Estate Pipe

    Beautiful Morel pipe, great price also! Enjoy!
  9. deleon

    Picked This Up Off Side Of The Road

    Congratulations on your find! I can never get that lucky over here. You found it just in time for the summer grilling days too!
  10. deleon

    Birthday Pipes from the Wifey!!

    Thanks Tommy Boy! Couldn't agree with you more.
  11. deleon

    Hi I'm a New Pipe Smoker

    Welcome from Texas!
  12. deleon

    Adventures In Restoring A Meerschaum.

    Read this article I think it might help Restoring Meerschaum Pipes
  13. deleon

    Do You Have a Different Hobby?

    I've been collecting vintage typewriters and fountain pens. Running out of shelf space with all the typewriters. Friends from out of town like it when I write letters to them instead of emailing or sending them a message through social media.
  14. deleon

    What are You Drinking? (April, 2020)

    Trying this combo later tonight!