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  1. d4k23

    Bothy Flake

    When I smoked it last (been awhile) it reminded me a lot of FMC. Sweet enough without the pungent smokiness/soap of the lat that keeps me away from many English blends.
  2. d4k23

    Pipe Stem Replacement

    Mike Myers at Walker Pipe Repair just finished one on a meer I own and did a phenomenal job! The stem smokes (and more importantly feels better) than the original!
  3. d4k23

    My Tobacco Smoking Rotation Strategy

    I trust your taste in tobacco it seems 9 out of 10 times! The one I am not a big fan of is OGS, seems like a brother to LTF and not my tea. Where would you put Opening Night in those categories? I think it’s fuller but not quite as much as FVF or the Reds.
  4. d4k23

    Marlin Flake...

    Smoking it right now…not gonna change your mind! And sable is right, with some age it’s even better! Only challenge is making sure it’s dry enough to stay lit with minimal relights. I like it better than OG - prefer the stewed figs over the dark fired Kentucky for me.
  5. d4k23

    Meer Liner Is In - Now What?

    That looks fantastic! I have a Meer lined pipe and love to smoke it (but didn’t make it myself). I hope it smokes well enough and you enjoy it for years to come!
  6. d4k23

    Smoking an Entire Tin as a Learning Process

    I smoked through a tin of Campaign once (almost exclusively) because it was just that good! But I definitely agree when I start to lose flavor or burn too hot when smoking a Va, let it go out and relight. Flavor often comes back better! Good assessment on the dry time, I find myself pulling an...
  7. d4k23

    What’s in your Spring/Summer Rotation.

    Current rotation is made up mostly of Virginia's and VaPers, and a little Burley. FVF Deception Pass Red Eye (aged 5 yrs - not too bad!) MC 27 Rattrays Dark Fragrant Briar Fox - aged 10+ courtesy of the PipeStud.
  8. d4k23

    My 1400 is Burning A Whole In My Wallet

    Thanks Salted - the exact reason I felt good pulling the trigger on that one!
  9. d4k23

    My 1400 is Burning A Whole In My Wallet

    The hole burned quick for me and I bought a Larry Roush that had a few smokes under its belt. My most expensive pipe to date and can’t wait to smoke it!
  10. d4k23

    G. L. Pease Fillmore

    When I first smoked Fillmore I liked it but didn't reach back often so eventually put it in the jar and let it sit. Just two weeks ago (and about two years later) I opened the jar on a whim and tasted every flavor you described above. Today was my last bowlful and was good. Great review and...
  11. d4k23

    Disaster Struck at Pipestud's Consignment Shop!

    Wow - when I saw the title I thought there was a water pipe that busted and ruined everything...glad that was not the case. The first thing you grabbed was a tissue and not a pipe??
  12. d4k23

    IPSD 2021

    Was the number zero? Where are the pictures??
  13. d4k23

    IPSD 2021

    After this rough week in Houston (only one busted pipe with no damage but friends did not fair as well) I decided I'd treat myself on IPSD and dip into the McClelland stash. I have only have a few tins but worth the occasion, plus I get to smoke my mostly MC dedicated Trevor Talbert Ligne...
  14. d4k23


    Do you think some age will tame the perique? I saw a review by Shane that said age will do good things for it. I bought 2 tins but thinking I’ll let it age before smoking it.
  15. d4k23

    Robert McConnell Red Virginia

    It's a good smoke but not one I'll chase if not readily available. I've been smoking 4 yr old Union Square and 2-yr FVF pretty regularly. I prefer my tobacco with less sweet and more full bodied - but the change of pace is alright. I still have two tins of Wessex Red that I haven’t opened yet...