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  1. craiginthecorn

    Why Dunhill Shell Briar Pipes Seem to be So Fragile

    Canadians are prone to cracked shanks. The long, slender shank is both less sturdy and subject to greater force due to leverage. I generally don't remove the mouthpieces on my straight pipes except for occasional deep cleaning.
  2. craiginthecorn

    Hello. Long-Time Oom Paul Hungarian Smoker.

    Coincidentally, I was smoking with my friend, Fred Hanna last evening and this very topic came up. Fred said he had written an article* several years ago advocating following Dunhill's lead and calling the shape "Hungarian" rather than "Oom Paul" because Paul Kruger was a prominent symbol of...
  3. craiginthecorn

    Removing Filters From Pipes

    I prefer unfiltered pipes, but the 6mm balsa filters in the Savinelli pipes are pretty decent. Savinelli also makes a 9mm balsa filter that's cylindrical and fluted. I know a guy who folds a pipe cleaner and uses that in place of a standard 9mm filter in his 9mm Petersons. He says it works great.
  4. craiginthecorn

    How Important Is The Stem For You?

    The stem is very important to me, although material is secondary to the shape. I clench quite a bit, so I prefer lighter straight pipes, or well-balanced bents and saddle mouthpieces -- the thinner and flatter the better. But I like Peterson p-lip stems too, as long as they're not the...
  5. craiginthecorn

    How Important Is The Stem For You?

    Morgan ONE pipe... no "stem". [Chris Morgan video] "The One Anse is a delightfully portable pipe. It smokes wonderfully cool despite its short length and lack of stem. In fact, the lack of stem aids in its pleasant smoking qualities. Not only is there no transition of material, which results...
  6. craiginthecorn

    Father the Flame Mini Episodes

    Great little segment. Looking forward to seeing more!
  7. craiginthecorn

    Weird JT Cooke; Weird Damage.

    Jim Cooke is very much alive and well. The mere fact that the pipe is smooth tells us that it's a somewhat older Cooke. He hasn't made smooth pipes in years. He told me not long ago that ”A smooth pipe is like a beautiful woman that is still wearing her clothing." It's unlikely that Jim would...
  8. craiginthecorn

    Who Makes Your Favorite Stems?

    Lots of opinions expressed here are spot-on. I have to proclaim Peter Heeschen as my all-time favorite, in terms of his stem work. Always comfortable and with superb slots. I also have a pipe with a Bakelite stem made by Nate King that's unbelievably thin and comfortable. Jeff Gracik of J Alan...
  9. craiginthecorn

    Dunhill's Dunbar, A Well-Aged Tin For Christmas

    Durbar might’ve been RE-released by STG in 2014, but has been around for a very, very long time before that.
  10. craiginthecorn

    Esoterica: What is Your Favorite?

    Having tried near every Esoterica blend, I can say that the accusations of a “topping” are much overdone. There‘s not a single one that I’d really call an aromatic. Ramsgate, Blackpool and Kingsbridge are the closest to being aromatics, but have little sweetness and their flavors aren’t strong...
  11. craiginthecorn

    Esoterica: What is Your Favorite?

    I saw at least five bags of Pembroke at La Vita Cigars in St. Charles, IL tonight.
  12. craiginthecorn

    Fifty Estate Pipes On Sale Today at

    I believe most of the estate pipes that Steve has for sale are from one estate as I recognize many of them. I helped to sort that collection before much of it was sent to Steve. The owner took tremendously good care of his pipes and since he had many dozens of them, I expect most were lightly...
  13. craiginthecorn

    About To Give Up On Non Aromatics

    Smoke what you enjoy. Your taste may well change in the future, but if not, enjoy those aromatics anyway.
  14. craiginthecorn

    Dunhill's Dunbar, A Well-Aged Tin For Christmas

    I think you meant Durbar.
  15. craiginthecorn

    Really Struggling.

    I remember, too, how hard it all seemed the first year I smoked a pipe. Now, several years later, I can't figure out what was so difficult. Now I successfully smoke nearly 100% of my bowls packing with the the codger scoop, the three-step, two-step, Hanna Air Pocket, bend and stuff, and even the...