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  1. captaincalabash

    What's Your Favorite Pipe for Backpacking or Camping?

    Another option not yet mentioned here...a Brylon pipe such as Yellow Bole. If you're OK with the way they smoke, they are virtually indestructible.
  2. captaincalabash

    Songs with the Greatest Opening Lines

    Hello Dad! Hello Mom! I'm your ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb! Actually the chorus, not the opening line. Joan Jett and the Runaways
  3. captaincalabash

    A Gentleman's Pipe is a Man's Pipe

    I like mine simply adorned and with lots of smooth curves, like so : Oops! Wrong curves, uh, picture! Like so:
  4. captaincalabash

    The First Blend That Got You Into Pipe Smoking

    I started with a Dr. Grabow rusticated bent apple, ~90 yrs. old, that had belonged to my great great grandfather. A volunteer pipes master at my favorite B&M showed me how to load, tamp, and smoke it and sold me an ounce of a nondescript aromatic as a good starter. I never quite got to enjoying...
  5. captaincalabash

    What Do (Did) You Do

    Well, with the Official Secrets Act in effect, I really can't say. 🕵️‍♂️ ;)
  6. captaincalabash

    Pocket Pipes

    A few years back I found this on a website that restored and sold estate pipes, sadly now gone. (Image from an old Kaywoodie catalog.) It's a bit hard to tell from this image, but the bowl is a circle flattened into an oval, about half the width of a circular bowl. It smokes great and has nice...
  7. captaincalabash

    A Quiet Moment Of Gratitude

    I agree entirely. I like to listen to a YouTube recording of RUPERT DAVIES (TV's Maigret) - 'Smoking My Pipe' - 1963 45rpm when I'm sitting out back smoking a fine blend and reflecting on life. An attitude of gratitude makes the tough times bearable and the good times better!
  8. captaincalabash

    You Inherited The Local Smoke Shop; But Now, You Must Rename It

    The Haunted Pipe Shop In the spirit of good times and good tobacco!
  9. captaincalabash

    What Is The Most Repellent Blend?

    Early in my "journey" I had a hankerin' to try Sir Walter Raleigh...I tried everything I knew at the time (not much, to be sure) to get it to taste minimally acceptable, all to no avail. I finally threw the rest of the pouch away. I know that tastes change over time, so some years from now, I...
  10. captaincalabash

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all!!
  11. captaincalabash

    Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays

    To the great people on this forum and all their families...MERRY CHRISTMAS and a BLESSED NEW YEAR!!!
  12. captaincalabash

    Briar or Brylon? How to Tell?

    When you handle an actual brylon pipe, it is unmistakable. It has a sort of plastic or polymer look and feel to the bowl that lets you know immediately it's not briar. Also, unless it's lined (as Yellow-Bole did with theirs), the inside of the bowl will be the same color as the outside. I have...
  13. captaincalabash

    Are You A (Bourbon/Scotch) Sipper Or A Gulper?

    I'm definitely a sipper, as I need to make it last. My favorites are Maker's Mark and now TX, with a touch of ice or just a drop or two of water if it's colder outside.
  14. captaincalabash

    So My Wife

    That calls for a "triple W" response, as in, "Wow! Whatta Woman!" 👍🏻