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  1. buzkirk

    Hello form the Derby City

    Welcome from West Tennessee
  2. buzkirk

    Hello from Slovakia

    Welcome from West Tennessee.
  3. buzkirk

    What Keeps Your PAD/TAD in Check?

    The lack of money, and the desire for old coins.
  4. buzkirk


    Welcome from West Tennessee
  5. buzkirk

    Hello from Missouri

    Welcome from West Tennessee
  6. buzkirk

    Fountain Pens

    I'll second The Fountain Pen Hospital in NYC, great service and communication.
  7. buzkirk

    Fountain Pens

    I have quite a few Vintage ones, just never get around to using them.
  8. buzkirk

    Cigar For HS Graduation?

    Padron, Fuente
  9. buzkirk

    Show Off Your TA Allen Pipes

    This was pipe # 30, Off to its new home in Texas
  10. buzkirk

    Making Myself Another Pipe

    I posted more in the Thread, Show Off your TA Allen pipes
  11. buzkirk

    Looking Vanilla-Flavoured Recommendations

    Dan Tobac (DTM) Sweet Vanilla Honeydew,
  12. buzkirk

    Pipe Number 4

    I've done the same thing on one of my pipes, It's still one of my best smokers. Slow down, contemplate all your drilling angles, take your time setting up and drilling. All become a learning experience , better pipes will come from this.
  13. buzkirk

    New from Telford, England

    Welcome from West Tennessee
  14. buzkirk

    High(er) Nicotine Aromatics

    Most of the Dan Tobacco blends have a good amount, but are not goopy aros. Sweet Vanilla Honeydew, Milonga, Blue Note, Devils Holiday
  15. buzkirk

    My 30th pipe

    But, its not a oval shank, round would make it a lovat apple ?