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    What's Your Favorite Pipe for Backpacking or Camping?

    I take my best smokers camping, fishing, hiking..... The outdoors is my favorite place to exist so why would I compromise my smoke by taking a "throwaway"? I have a small, shockproof container that I use for my pipe carry.
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    Visiting Pipes And Cigars And Pennsylvania

    I am driving to Reading, Pennsylvania this weekend for one of my daughters graduation ceremony. Is P&C open to the public? Other must visit shops?
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    Order from KBV Held Up by USPS for Two Weeks?

    DeJoy is a corrupt piece of garbage doing exactly what he was appointed to do.... Destroy the USPS.
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    How Much do You Keep on Hand?

    I was making more money at 27 than I make these days at 59. I think he needs to double down on his 50 with the changes coming.
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    How Much do You Keep on Hand?

    IF they ban internet sales, then folks will simply have to call their favorite blenders and order via phone. If they ban phone orders, and since I live within 1 hour of 2 fantastic tobacconists (Watch City and Peretti's), I will have my new source of income as buyer and shipper. :)
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    Asking For More Help on Pipe IDs.

    Eric Morecambe was a well-known British comedian and pipesmoker. And the West End of Morecambe had a few pipe shops back in the day and a number of "play houses" where Morecambe might have performed. I am sure none of this is relevant but here it is.....
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    Pipe Tobacco And Alcohol

    I favor sweet iced tea and my pipes. I will on occasion drink a dram of Irish or Scotch but usually prefer tea. A close second is a water or coffee.
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    The Ultimate Home Blend

    We have an ATF or IRS mole, methinks.
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    The Ultimate Home Blend

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    Missouri Meerschaum Cornabis

    Bukowski === the anti-poet. I have all of his works...every volume. He pissed me off the first time I read him...but then I realized, his unique view of life was as much pointed at the mirror as it was at others in his corner of the world. His failure as a good mate is reflected in the...
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    Missouri Meerschaum Cornabis

    Obviously not. It is difficult to keep up with the new blends hitting our tobacco world... I imagine pot has changed drastically since I was acquainted with its lovely character and odour.
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    Missouri Meerschaum Cornabis

    We agree.
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    Missouri Meerschaum Cornabis

    I will wear that moniker....Once upon a time...a product of the 70s. LOL.
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    Missouri Meerschaum Cornabis

    Why not? I hope they make a bundle. Every aspect of our industry, from tobacco to pipe makers, is under threat. Pot is becoming legal across the country. What is the big deal? It is a helluva less impactful than consuming the quantities of alcohol many here do....ahem, including myself.