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By Bob Tate

Troost Special Cavendish PouchThe pouch aroma of this blend is of a straight forward tobacco smell with a hint of plums. The moisture content is on the dry side, but it is not so dry that it is to the crumbly point. This is a ready rubbed that I needed to rub out a little to separate the strands of tobacco. I loaded the pipe using the two step method and proceeded to the charring light. On the charring light, I was met with a straight forward tobacco taste and aroma with a very light sweetness to the aroma and taste. I settled in for the smoke to see where this blend would go.

From the beginning of the bowl, the flavor was just a tobacco taste with a slight sweetness to it. There is a taste that is very faint and far in the background that I can not say what it is. It fades in and out on occasion. This flavor profile stayed the same from start to finish. This blend is a one dimensional smoke, which is not necessarily a bad thing. You don’t have to focus on the flavor and this blend will lend itself well to when you want a smoke, but are not in the frame of mind to focus on the flavors.

This blend is a strange blend. As far as the flavor profile goes, it is an OK to decent smoke. It is one dimensional and carries no discernible flavors other than tobacco. It is a blend that would do well when you don’t want to focus on a more complex blend. It smokes dry, cool, and doesn’t bite.

I called this blend strange and, for me, it is. Let me explain. I have smoked quite a few bowls of this blend. I have almost finished a pouch and have already bought another one. Even though this blend doesn’t really reach out and grab me and part of me doesn’t really care if I ever smoke it again, for some reason I keep reaching for it and want to smoke more of it. Maybe it is the lack of attention that needs to be paid to this blend. It is easy to pack, easy to light and keep lit, I need no pipe cleaners, and I don’t have to focus on the flavor. I smoke this blend when I am working, engaged in a long/deep conversation, had a few to many drinks, etc.

I would classify this as a working blend or a ‘no attention needed’ blend. If you are looking for a blend such as I described but you don’t like aromatics, this would probably fit the bill nicely. I was originally only going to ‘somewhat recommend’ this blend, but since I keep reaching for it, I have to boost it up a notch. I Recommend giving this blend a try.

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Brand: Troost
Blend: Special Cavendish
Description: This mixture consists of bright Virginia, toasted Burley and dark-fired Kentucky. The leaves are pressed into cakes, aged, cut and rubbed up, before added a top flavour to underline the cocoa notes of the toasted Burley.
Country: Holland
Cut: Ready Rubbed
Tobaccos: Virginia, Burley, Kentucky
Strength: Mild-Medium
Taste: Tobacco, Slight Sweetness
Room Note: Pleasant

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Troost Special Cavendish Pouch

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