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By Bob Tate

black-gold-003The pouch aroma of this blend is of a nice, sweet, old fashioned drug store type of pipe tobacco. The closest that I can come to describing it in terms of actual aromas would be Vanilla, Chocolate, and sweet Coffee all mixed together. The aroma does remind me and my wife of the old drugstore blends that our grandfathers used to smoke and it smells quite good. The moisture content is very moist and it is obviously cased with PG (Propylene Glycol) to keep it moist on the shelf.
[Editors Note: Propylene Glycol (PG) is an additive that is added to some tobaccos to keep them from drying out on the shelf.]

It is quite moist and sticky and experience has taught me that no amount of drying time will really help to dry it out. So I loaded up my pipe with it directly from the pouch and proceeded to the charring light. I was greeted by a nice, sweet, smelling aroma that I can only describe as an old time classic pipe tobacco smell. My wife said that it really reminds her of her grandfather and smells good and comforting. As far as the taste goes, I am picking up on a generic sweet taste. There are no distinguishing flavors in it. I finished lighting the pipe and sat back to see how this blend would perform.

The tobacco was very hard to get burning. I had to puff and blow through the pipe to heat it up a lot to keep it lit. It took a few minutes to get it to stay lit, but once I got it burning, it stayed lit fairly well. From the beginning, this tobacco just has a generic sweet taste to it. There are no discernable flavors to this blend. It is a no-thinking, working type blend. Just load your pipe up, light it, and go about your business. It smells really nice and taste pretty decent. It is a one dimensional smoke that tastes the same all of the way from start to finish. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Almost every ‘drug store’ pipe tobacco is one dimensional. That is pretty much what they are supposed to be and are made to be that way.

This is an OK blend. After you have to super heat it up so it stays lit and then you slow your pace down quite a bit to let it cool back off, it does smoke relatively cool. There is no hint of a bite at all, which is good because of how hot I had to get it to stay lit. I can’t really comment on the normal things that I do in this section of my reviews in reference to smoking qualities because I have never smoked this blend in a briar pipe. I have only smoked in my Missouri MeerschaumOzark Mountain Maple pipes. It does perform well in a cob, but then again, what blend doesn’t. It is a very affordable blend as well and I have had blends that are much worse than this one.

This blend is definitely not for everybody. A lot of people will probably not like this blend at all, but if you are looking for a very affordable, old time, classic, drug store type pipe tobacco, Super Value Black & Gold will be right up your alley.
I Recommend it.

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Brand: Super Value (Dream Castle Tobacco Company)
Blend: Black & Gold
Description: All Natural Tobacco. Cool smoking, Even burning without the bite!
Country: US
Cut: Ribbon
Tobaccos: Cavendish
Strength: Mild
Taste: Sweet
Room Note: Pleasant

Super Value Black & Gold – Click Here to Order Now!


Super Value Black & Gold – Click Here to Order Now!


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