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By Bob Tate


[*Editors Note: I do not know for certain what tobaccos are in this blend and am making a guess based on what I see and taste in the blend.]

The tin aroma of this blend is very nice, but it is a little hard to describe. I am picking up light hints of the Latakia and also some vanilla. It smells sweet and there is a lot going on. The moisture content is a tad on the moist side, but it smokes fine as is. Drying time is not needed, but it wouldn’t hurt either. I loaded up my pipe and proceeded to the charring light. On the charring light, the aroma was a nice vanilla smell accompanied by something else that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. I also picked up the vanilla in the flavor. Along with the vanilla, there was a light smokiness and some earthiness. I finished lighting the pipe and settled in for an interesting smoke.

Right from the start, this is a pretty flavorful and fascinating blend. I still taste the vanilla, but it is a little more subdued. I am picking up on a little bit of, what I think is, black coffee. I say this because it reminds me of it and there is a very light bitterness with it. Not an unpleasant bitterness, but more of the nice bitterness from a nice black coffee. The bitterness was not constant, and like the other flavors in this blend, it faded in and out during the bowl. The Latakia flavor in this blend is not strong and does not dominate the blend. It is there just enough to add a nice smoky, sweet flavor. There are some other flavors as well, but it is so complex that I can not pick out the individual flavors. The flavors are continuously melding in and out with each other. Every time that I think I am going to be able to pinpoint a different individual flavor; it melds and changes before I can pin it down. This flavor profile lasted from the beginning to the end. At one point I think I might have picked up on a hint of cocoa.

Shortcut to Mushrooms is a very tasty blend and I love it! When they say in the description that it has a “Truly unique, smooth, creamy, earthy smoke”, they are not exaggerating. That description is spot on! I can see why the hobbits kept it a secret for so long. It burns slow, cool, dry, and doesn’t leave a mess in your pipe. I classify this as an Aromatic/English blend. If you normally smoke English blends and are in the mood for a light Aromatic, this blend would be perfect. If you normally smoke Aromatics and are looking to branch out and try English blends, this would be a perfect transition blend. If you enjoy both Aromatics and English blends, you will probably love this blend. If you have not tried Shortcut to Mushrooms you are missing out on a truly unique and very tasty blend. I Highly Recommend it!

shortcut-to-mushrooms-001 shortcut-to-mushrooms-002


Brand: Just For Him
Blend: Shortcut to Mushrooms
Description: This is the fourth blend in the Middle Earth Pipeweed Series! Rich, dark Latakia is blended with mushrooms straight from Farmer Maggot’s field to produce a truly unique smooth, creamy, earthy smoke with a hint of sweetness.
Country: US
Cut: Ribbon
Tobaccos: Latakia, *Virginia, *Black Cavendish
Strength: Mild
Taste: Slightly Sweet, Smoky, Earthy, Vanilla, Black Coffee
Room Note: Pleasant


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