How to Prepare Cake Pipe Tobacco


By Bob Tate

Cake Pipe Tobacco

In this article I am going to show how to prepare cake pipe tobacco in the included video. But first I am going to explain a little bit about what cake tobacco is.

Cake is another form that tobacco blends sometimes come in. They are sometimes spelled with a ‘K’ such as Kake or Krumble Kake. Cakes are made similarly to plugs as they are both pressed to form the cake or plug. But unlike plug tobaccos that use large pieces of tobacco leaf which are layered and pressed together, cakes and crumble cakes use tobaccos that have already been cut and blended into a mixture. The mixture is then pressed into a cake.

A lot of people consider cakes and crumble cakes as one and the same. But in my opinion they are two different forms of cake tobacco. Here is how I define between the two.

Cake – Is pressed together to form a dense type of cake that closely resembles a plug. It is difficult to break apart and rub out by hand. I find that using a knife works much better.

Crumble Cake – Is pressed together to form a loose type of cake that crumbles apart very easily by hand with little or no effort.

On to the video!

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Now go get some cake tobacco blends and give them a try!


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